I’m a little late to the game with talking about this one, but after finishing season 1 I just had to write a blog post about it! Something you’ll notice about this blog is that I go by UK release dates seen as I’m in the UK, however, even here this show aired a little while ago.

Colony is set in the near future and follows a family (fronted by Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies) who live in a dystopian Los Angeles after an invasion from an extraterrestrial force. The season follows their struggle as they try to survive in a post-invasion world.

You can watch the trailer here.

Despite this the science-fiction elements are pretty non-existance and the dyspotan ones are limited. However, according to the minds behind the show, this was intentional and I’ll admit it does work. Mostly because it’s getting a second season.

In the first season we’re introduced to the world, including new names for things, people, and places, and the rules behind the world. Future sience-fiction elements are hinted at throughout, and glimpsed at in the finale. In the first season we get to know characters and build relationships, ready for season 2 which should hopefully take us deeper into everything.

By the end of the season a lot of questions are answered, but a lot of new ones also pop up. It was a great way to get some indiciation of what might happen during the next season. This show is very entertaining and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Colony will return in 2017 for season 2.

Below the cut are some things I hope to see in the second seasons (contains spoilers).

  • More of the world outisde the wall, and I’m talking the immediate area as well as the rest of the world, although it’s persumed the invasion is worldiwde, it would be nice to see or know for sure.
  • Charlie being reunited with his family, or at the very least, his dad.
  • A bigger exploration of things like “the factory”.
  • I get the feeling that that might be done through Bram, even if this is or isn’t, I hope Bran’s story is used well rather than him being cast aside in favour of something else, especially after how it ended for him in season 1.
  • A well paced reveal of who specifically was watching Katie in her last shot, and along with that how Katie will deal with the aftermatch of everything.
  • Madeline’s relationship with Nolan and her stay in the green zone.
  • Lyndsey and her relationship with the children, what that will eventually result in now that she’s back in their lives.
  • And coupled with that, more involvement from the “hosts”. At the end of the season we got a glimpse, but what are they like underneath the suit? What do they sound like? How do they communicate? What is their world like? I want to know all of this and more.

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