This post contains spoilers.

I will say right off the bat that the one thing I couldn’t fully wrap my head around was the amount of time that passed between last season and this first episode. If you’re unaware, it’s two days. That’s it.

For the most part there’s nothing too unsettling or unrealistic about it, but a lot does happen. Lucifer and Amenadiel have successfully checked off all possible vessels for their mum, Maze has gone completely off the grid, a new character has even come on the scene, and more. It does seem doable in two days, I just guess I was expecting much more of a time jump or none at all.

Once you get passed that oddity Lucifer returns with the warmth of familiarity. I can almost 100% guarantee that at least one thing you liked from the previous season was in this first episode. “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer” has all the things I love about the show and then some. It honestly felt like no time had passed at all.

Some things I noticed about this episode that I’m interested to see in future ones:

  • Vessels. When we first meet Lucifer and Amenadiel they’re looking through a list of possible vessels in order to find their mum. This sparked interest in me. It was never really covered whether Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze and the likes took over someone’s body or if they always had human forms for if they ever had to go to Earth. Hopefully this will be explored more throughout the season, but for now it’s not really a big thing. We survived season one without this really being an issue, so we can survive another.
  • Ella. We managed to find out a lot about her in this one episode, so I hope that isn’t it for her. It seems that she might play a decent role in the story and hopefully she pops up more often than not. She’s a bubbly character who is kind of hard not to love.
  • Maze’s absence. Thank goodness she wasn’t absent for long. I’d rather have this season with her than without. Although we know a little about what she was doing, it would be fun to see more and what the results of her absence will be.
  • Amenadiel’s powers are slacking. Is it his time on Earth or something else? We found out last season that Chloe was the reason Lucifer could sometimes get hurt, so maybe there’s more of a specific reason as to why Amenadiel’s powers aren’t quite up to scratch. We’ll also have to see whether he loses them completely or not.
  • Lucifer’s mummy issues. We’ve known about his daddy issues and it’s clear from this episode alone that the two are closely connected. Lucifer’s emotions seem to be all over the place when it comes to his parents, especially now that his mother is back on the scene.
  • Maze and Linda’s friendship. This is one thing I was hoping to get out of season 2 and it came in the first episode. Of course we only got a glimpse, but it seems like they’ve gotten pretty close and hopefully their friendship (or more) will be a big factor in the upcoming episodes.
  • The ending! Lucifer’s mum wasn’t a huge secret. We knew she was coming at the end of season 1 and it was released before season 2 aired that she would be played by Tricia Helfer. We find out quite a bit about her during episode one, most of it coming from Lucifer talking about his experiences and memories of her. There’s still a lot to learn about her, but when she finally shows up at the end of the episode, it feels like a long time coming.

Everything, and everyone, there is to love about the first season of Lucifer is still here, and it only seems like we’re going to get more. At the very least it’ll be a comfortable and interesting ride, but hopefully it’ll be much more than that.

This first episode was everything I could personally want and more. I can’t wait for the rest of this season. It already looks like it’s going to be a good one.

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