This post is spoiler free.

This episode manages to be more creepier and darker than the last one. Maybe it was because I was a little distracted in the beginning, but throughout the episode I was genuinely unsettled. Chapter 2 came very close to scaring me due to the build up and unsettling scenes. Overall, like past seasons, I don’t think this one is outright scary, but there’s enough so far to put you on edge, or as close to it as possible. The season still has time to grow at this point, so maybe it’ll manage to scare me at least once before the end.

All of the things I thought were good about the last episode were just as good this episode, if not better. Also the interjection from the “real people” seemed less so this episode. The amount could change depending on the episode, but I personally feel like I’m already more used to the style and the interruptions.

I’m still unsure about the lack of opening credits. It could easily work with credits, so it’s curious as to why they never included them. They wouldn’t even have to be as long or as elaborate as the previous seasons, but it would definitely make it seem more like an American Horror Story season if the credits were to be included.

Overall this episode was a definite improvement on the previous one. It was much stronger for starters. The pace in which the story is being revealed and the characters are being introduced is well done. The only problems that could arise are:

  1. Certain characters might not be introduced till much later meaning we might not get much interaction with some potentially great characters.
  2. A lot of the elements we saw in the teasers seem to still be minimal at this point, which makes sense at this stage, but hopefully they haven’t tried to cram too much in, resulting in certain aspects being left not fully explored.

Right now this season is too different to the previous ones to fully predict where it might go from here. Although a huge key to the mystery was revealed this episode (the story with the nurses), there’s still a ton of questions that need to be answered. If it follows previous seasons there will be at least 10 episodes. That’s still plenty of time to show off more of the aspects we’ve seen so far and introduce more characters (or give more details about existing ones).

So far, I don’t feel like there’s anything to worry about. I feel like if things seem to be going too slow or there seems to be too much going on near the end of the season, then it’s time to worry. Personally, I don’t like it when all the resolutions are crammed right at the very end instead of gradually resolved as it comes to an end.

Again, it was a solid second episode. I liked it more than the first, in fact when it ended I was really surprised because it felt like it hadn’t been on long enough and I wanted more. Depending on how the rest of the season goes My Roanoke Nightmare might end up being a favourite for me.

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