This post contains spoilers.

After a weeks absence I was more than a little excited to have a new episode of Lucifer to watch! I can honestly say at this point the only thing that bothers me is the amount of time that has passed between the two seasons. The show gives off this vibe that more than two days have passed, maybe it’s because I thought it would be more, or maybe it’s not just me. Everything about the show seems slightly different, slightly evolved, and it gives the impression that at least a couple of months has passed. For now I can live with the unsettling feeling it gives me, but sooner or later it’s going to bug me too much and I’m sure other people.

Or maybe I’m alone in that. There are a lot of things that happen on Lucifer that I’m sure if you like others will hate, and vice versa, it’s just that kind of show. Lucifer is too good and too fun at this point, so hopefully something as small and honestly insignificant as this won’t ruin it.

Overall though, the episode was a pretty good one. The little details about how vessels worked was something I’d been hoping for for a while, and I have to assume it works the same for all of them. Seeing that the mother seemed to only jump into recently deceased people’s bodies, but was then thrown out when they were killed again, was a nice little detail. This was also interesting because Lucifer can’t be killed, even in his human body (except when he’s around Chloe of course), but this could just as well be a Lucifer thing, something special to him. In that case, does this mean only the mother has issue staying in one body? Or if someone was to shoot Maze in the head, or Amenadiel, would they be thrown from their bodies and thrust into another one? I have to admit, with big questions like this Lucifer never seems to answer them quickly. I mean, we still don’t know why Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable.

Speaking of that, it seems like Amenadiel’s diminishing powers and rotting wings might take the same route. It feels like we’ll probably get an explanation as to what’s causing it by the end of the season, much like we did with Lucifer’s vulnerability, but there will be no full explanation or resolution until the next season. Hopefully, if that’s the case, this season we’ll get more answers about Lucifer and Chloe, perhaps she might even come to terms with the fact that he really is the devil.

But back to his wings. What is going on there? Could it be down to his time on Earth and because he hasn’t completely left Heaven behind? Or could it be because he slept with Maze? There’s a magnitude of reasons that could all work and every single one of them is an interesting one. Why were Lucifer’s wings in good condition when they were cut off, but Amenadiel’s, still attached, are slowly dying? It looks painful for him and it’s obviously scaring him. At this point I don’t think there’s enough to speculate, and right now would be too early to know anything anyway.

Other than that shocking, and honestly upsetting, reveal the biggest thing was “Mum” also known as Charlotte Richards. She was surprisingly less frightening than I expected, I really expected them to jump in with her being the newest “big bad” so to speak. It’s interesting that they haven’t. Of course it doesn’t seem like she’s been out of hell that long. From the ending (the way she looked to the sky after speaking to Lucifer) it seems like she’s not all she seems. It’s clear dear old mum has something up her sleeve and she’s not to be trusted. Poor Lucifer, for now anyway, does believe her at least and I’d hate to be in his way when she proves to be just as evil as he suspected. For now she plays a good part, she’s the unreliable narrator in a way. Sure we don’t follow her directly, but there’s focus on her and she has a lot to say. Like an unreliable narrator you never know if what’s she’s saying it the truth or not, there’s always something or someone to put doubt in your mind. Of course we probably won’t know what her real motives are for a while.

Seen as the episode was generally good without very much to complain about have some other things I liked about the episode:

  • Lucifer basically turning into the uncle that Trixie can run to when her parents say no to things. I mean, he did buy her a $200 doll. Of course, that could be down to how he’s feeling about parenting and other things, but I like to think that buying the doll also came from a place inside of him that wanted to buy it for Trixie because he cares and really wanted her to have it.
  • Trixie always makes my heart very happy. She’s a wonderful character and is very well played. When Chloe and Dan were in the interrogation room you knew it was Trixie and that she had done something. It reminded me a lot of the chocolate cake episode in season one.
  • Ella. I feel like she’s going to be a lot of fun and it seems like we had just as much screen time with her in this episode as we did in the last one, so hopefully we do get a lot more information about her. She already seems to be developing relationships with other characters at this point, her calling Lucifer “Luce” was one of my favourite moments and I hope they become good friends by the end of the season.

So far Lucifer is having a pretty strong come back and I can’t wait for the rest of the season. They seem to have some kind of plan for it, I just hope they don’t forget we still need answers about some things from season one (e.g. why exactly Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable.)

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