This post contains spoilers.

I know I say this every week, but this weeks episode was so good! I feel like this is why I’ll always struggle to have a favourite episode of Lucifer. It’s that show that never disappoints me.I actually really liked the case they were working on in this episode. Although it was admittedly a little obvious who the killer was going to be, the case felt different from anything they’ve done before and it was still very interesting to watch. Admittedly I laughed a little at the jokes Lucifer (and Ella) were making about how the first victim died. Honestly, I feel like it’s hard not to laugh at this show.

Talking about laughing, I was seriously not expecting the “mum” character to be so funny. As I’ve stated in previous posts I expected her to be the big bad, but she’s not, at least not at this present moment. In fact it’s a lot of fun to see her trying to cope with being in a human body and stuck on Earth. Speaking of which I feel like now that Lucifer has punished her by making her stay on Earth and live Charlotte’s life, we’ll start to see the big bad in her come to the surface. Or maybe she never will be the big bad, maybe she’s genuine, but something about her realising she’s strong (and possibly has powers) at the end of the episode tells me she’s most likely to be on the bad side sooner or later.

Back tracking a little, I was happy to see more Ella in this episode! I still feel like with every episode we don’t get enough of her, but it’s nice to have something each week nonetheless. I hope they build it up so that by the end of the season she plays a major role in certain episodes. She’s a wonderful character and we can already see that she has great chemistry with the rest of the characters. I’m honestly still waiting on a big scene with her and Trixie, I just feel like they would get on so well, so I hope there’s at least one scene with them!

Something that was a little unsurprising was Amenadiel accepting his mother. I believe that if he hadn’t of lost his powers and wings, and he didn’t feel like he had portrayed Heaven and his duties, then maybe he wouldn’t have accepted his mother and would have instead taken her back to Hell. Instead it’s clear that he needs someone even if he can’t tell them why. So in that moment he sees his mother, someone who might be able to look after him, someone who might help, so he helps her. It’ll be interesting to see how well his loyalty stays considering he was the one who was originally going to take her back to Hell.

Overall this episode was very good, below are some stray thoughts I had about it and also some questions/expectations:

  • After Chloe and Dan’s talk about divorce, how will it affect them, their work, and the people around them?
  • The camping trip. I personally wanted that to happen, and for some reason Lucifer ends up going on it too. I think it would have made a great, funny, filler episode to enjoy, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.
  • More Maze and Linda friendship please! They seem to get on so well and I hope that can evolve. Personally I would like them to be more than friends, but for now I’ll take what I can get.
  • Speaking of Maze, how will she react when she finds out Amenadiel has accepted his mother and hasn’t helped in getting Lucifer to be rid of her?
  • And finally, something in my gut is telling me that this season Chloe will finally realise and admit that Lucifer was telling the truth about being the Devil. I don’t know how it will come out and I can’t even begin to guess what her reaction will be, but I feel like it’s something we might get this season. I hope so anyway!

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