In my opinion this episode was probably one of the best of the season so far, if not the best overall. This weeks episode finally introduced Evan Peters’ character. Like everything this season nothing big was given away beforehand. The character he ended up playing was not at all what I expected.

Did you recognise his name? Don’t worry if you didn’t, neither did I at first! Edward Philipe Mott is his name, Mott also being Dandy’s last name in American Horror Story: Freak Show. We know that this season is supposed to have some connections with previous ones and this is just an example.

I will say this, with Dandy he was interesting and fun to watch but he did get on my nerves after a while, with Edward it feels like maybe things won’t go that way. I already really like him, he seems super interesting, and I just hope he’s going to be in more episodes. What did you think of him?

Overall Evan Peters was the best thing about the episode. He played the part well and the character, plus his story line, is intriguing, making this character-centric episode watchable. I love how he showed up in the main story line and how that managed to still be present despite most of the episode being about introducing Edward.

One thing that has makes me unsure now is that things are clearly going to change. We can assume that they’re filming their paranormal documentary a little while after the events and not immediately. So, now that they’re away from the house, what will happen? Well, when real Shelby mentions the nightmares she says she still has them, indicating that that is the worst thing that’s happened to her since they escaped. I could be wrong about that, but we’ll see.

It could go one of two ways, 1) more things happened once they escaped, 2) it’ll switch to things happening to the real Shelby and co again during and/or after they finish filming the paranormal documentary. The latter might mean we don’t see certain cast members again, because why do they need people to reenact it when it’s actually happening?

There’s loads of ways it could go, and loads of ways they can trick us and get around certain obstacles, I never like to do too much of a guessing game with AHS. I mostly like to sit back and see what they have to offer. However, if you have any theories, please feel free to leave them in a comment!

One other thing I really loved about this episode was Wes Bentley’s character Ambrose White finally standing up to the Butcher in an attempt to do the right thing. I hope we see more from him and that he becomes a good guy. So far I’ve liked all of his characters and it would be nice if this one got a really good character arc (not to say the others didn’t!)

The episode was a good one which I thoroughly enjoyed, I hope the others can do the same or even get better. What did you think of chapter 5? Let me know!

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