This post contains spoilers.

Every time I think about this week’s episode of Lucifer I realise that the things I would change are nothing compared to all the good things that happened.

From the end of episode 4 and the promo for this episode (if you watched it), it was clear that Chloe was going to be in some kind of danger, and Lucifer was going to do what he needed to to protect her. One thing I’m glad that happened was that yes, Lucifer was protective, he stayed by Chloe’s side for the most part and spent the whole episode trying to figure out how to keep her alive and keep his mum on Earth, but the writer’s never went down the route of “poor defenceless little Chloe”. They’ve always done a good job of creating this strong character and keeping her as such. Although ultimately it was Lucifer who kept her safe (for now) in the end, it was Chloe’s speech that stopped her from being blown away by a shotgun. It could have easily been written in as Lucifer jumping in and saving the day, but instead Chloe saved herself.

Speaking of Chloe and Lucifer, their scenes in this episode felt like the good old days. There were moments in the previous episode too, but this was a really good one. We had them teasing each other, Lucifer showing a vulnerability for her, and just a lot of moments where it’s just the two of them. Despite having scenes with them together this season, the ones in this episode gave off a vibe of familiarity. It only adds to my feelings that something big is going to happen between them this season. Maybe not a relationship or them admitting/discovering their feelings, but perhaps her finding out the truth. With the former, I’m all for slow burning relationships so long as it doesn’t feel like it’s being dragged out.

Now of course we only have all of these Lucifer and Chloe scenes because of our newest threat, the introduction of the angel Uriel.They did a pretty decent job at showing his relationships with God, his mother, and his siblings, even if we don’t get to see interactions with all of them. I feel like they gave you enough of Uriel to give you some kind of connection and also to make him interesting, but he was gone just as quickly as he came. This is one of my only complaints. Uriel’s death was very well done, however, maybe they could have dragged it out for a couple of episodes.

We saw during this episode that Uriel likes to play with patterns and create chain reactions, he did as much to cause Chloe’s car crash, and it seems like his death is going to create one last chain reaction. As seen as the end of the episode Lucifer is clearly affected by his brother’s death and his involvement with it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he brushes off concerns and acts like he’s fine in upcoming episodes, but it’ll most likely take its toll on him. Also God is going to know. Even if he wasn’t behind taking Chloe’s life, he might decide it’s the only way now and he might be more on board with taking back his side of deal. Then there’s the mother. Uriel brought up that she might eventually find her way to Heaven and destroy God. I don’t think the show would be afraid of going that route, but I don’t see them doing it. I do, however, think they might go down the route of having her turn into a big bad and try to take back her place in Heaven.

Going back to the original point, I hope that Uriel’s death does have this chain reaction of events. Another person who might be affected by it is Amenadiel. Not just in the fact that they’re brothers, but in the fact that everything is only going to get more heated and emotional, it’s going to be harder for Amenadiel to hide what’s happening to his wings. Lucifer already knows that he’s weaker, but they never had the chance to fully discuss it. Even if it’s derailed and not discussed for a while, there’s no way it won’t come out. Uriel’s death might cause problems and with Amenadiel essentially out of action as an angel, Lucifer and Charlotte are going to want to know what they’re dealing with. At the very least, I think Maze will care about what’s going on. She showed some concern him, and I feel like although they might never be together as a couple, there’s still feelings there and a relationship either way.

Some other thoughts I had about the episode:

  • I really liked Dan in this episode. I don’t have an opinion on him overall, but I did quite enjoy his scenes in this episode. Having him fangirl over those movies with Lucifer was funny, and I agree with Chloe’s comment: “Although, you’re oddly adorable” when they were talking about the movie and quoting it.
  • Like always Trixie steals the show when she’s present. She’s a great character and is played very well. That scene where she was concerned for Chloe’s welfare was adorable and it only continued with the scene of them reading Coraline (by Neil Gaiman) at the end.
  • Ella! I get so happy whenever she has a scene, I like that they try to include in any episodes where it would work. They don’t leave her to the side but they don’t use her just for the sake of using her. Also, can we talk about how when Lucifer offered to have sex with her she was up for it?  She got so distracted over the idea that she didn’t even need to think about. Lucifer didn’t use his powers (because he’s not the kind of guy to use them to make people have sex with him) she was just totally up for it! And I love that. It gives us some more information about Ella and I feel like we’re slowly, episode by episode, finding out more and more about her as a person. I love her relationship with Lucifer and I feel like they’re just building it up for her to be a main character and to have a good relationship with the other characters in the show.
  • Talking about not using characters just for the sake of using them, I was disappointed that Linda wasn’t in this episode, but I was also glad. There was so much going on, but none of it lent his hand to her needing to be there. If she had been in this episode it would have been a waste. Although I did miss seeing her after her scenes from last week’s episode, I also appreciate why she wasn’t in this one, plus with everything’s that gone on, I feel like she’ll be needed next episode!
  • Guest star Charisma Carpenter. Having grown up watching Buffy and Angel I just smiled when I saw her. I always love having guest starts I recognise in the shows I love.
  • Also Maze, Lucifer, and Amenadiel’s little trio was so good and I need to see that trio again, in more detail!
  • Finally, Uriel’s wings (pictured below). I’ve always found the angel wings beautiful on this show, but seeing them like that, and the way they moved when he went to throw the punch was amazing. It makes me wish for two angels on Earth at the same time who both have their wings, just so we can see a full blown fight between them with their wings out, flying around and everything. I’m not sure if the show would have the kind of budget to pull it off, but if they do it would be visually stunning to see.


Overall I think the episode was one of the best. It was funny in places, but ended up being very emotional by the end. It did a very good job with creating relationships between characters, even between Uriel and his brothers despite there not being many interactions. One thing I’m wondering now, is what is Charlotte up to? This episode showed her love for her children (offering to go back to Hell, when she found out Uriel was dead, etc), but I’m not sure I fully believe her. One theory I have is that it’ll happen slowly, she’ll grow frustrated at living on Earth and will keep gaining power until she turns into the big bad, but we’ll have to see.

It looks like episode 6 is going to deal with the aftermath of Uriel (and his death), especially for Lucifer, and it seems like it’s going to be a heavy episode. You can watch the promo for next week’s episode here:

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