There’s only three episodes left of this season and after watching chapter 7 part of me feels like it’s plenty of time, but another part feels like it isn’t and things will become too rushed. I would say this season has been one of the best when it comes to pacing so I have a lot of faith that it’ll go well.

First of all I have to say I’m so in love with the found footage. I love how varied it is. The way it switches between different types of cameras, and how it can go from being completely calm and still to quick and super shaky. I feel it puts you more in the situation, and it’s a feature I’m glad they added this season.

Another good change/addition are the real ghosts. I wondered how they were going to do it. The real ghosts look much darker, which is very fitting, because the reenactment ghosts look more “TV friendly.” It would be cool to see more of them, and up close too. I’d also like to see more of the reenactment actors who played the ghosts.

In this episode everything seemed to be in threes. Sidney and two crew members were first seen in the opening and they were all killed. Matt, Shelby, and Dominic were together (Dominic trying to get with Shelby, having a secret camera to try and help boost ratings), and Matt ended up dying. Lastly we have Lee, Monet, and Audrey who went through the underground tunnels in search for help after Shelby is attacked. It’s not confirmed if any of them died, but it’s pretty clear that Lee will most likely be the one to. This episode seemed to section them off so that they can have multiple deaths without really giving too much away about who it’s going to be.

Moving onto Matt for a second, he is so done and it’s a beautiful thing. I was really worried that I might not connect to the real Matt and Shelby because we didn’t get to see as much of them during the reenactment section of the season. However, real Matt is surprisingly hilarious and the fact that he just doesn’t (seem to) care is hilarious to me. It was sad, however, when he died and also very shocking! When Shelby started bashing his head in I couldn’t quite believe it. You knew something was going to happen with either him, Dominic, or Shelby because it focused quite a bit on them as a trio, but I didn’t not expect Matt to die at the hands of Shelby. Also his revelation about being in love with Scathac1h was intriguing, in the reenactments it came across like he wasn’t and was scared of her. Was he lying? Or is this some kind of trickery and is Matt being used? He did seem vert different and, like I said, came across as being completely done with everyone and everything.

Talking about Matt and Shelby, it was nice to see him looking after her after she was attacked. It reminded me of the hospital scene earlier in the season. It was really sad to see that it turned into what it did. Seen as only one person is going to survive of course one of these two would die eventually, but I didn’t expect it now or like it was.

Agnes dying wasn’t really a surprise. Walking around acting like the Butcher was only going to get her killed. I will say though, her death was both brutal and impressive. It was extreme, but surprisingly tame in terms of blood and how dramatic it was. It happened so quick that I was a little stunned, but they didn’t over-do it.

Speaking of Agenes, her attack on Shelby sparked some events that I really enjoyed. The attack itself made me laugh slightly with how dramatic it was, but it did lead to some great moments. One, was Dominic helping her. I don’t trust him much because he was clearly doing a lot of things for the ratings and being nice might be one of them. However, things might change when he realises how very real the ghost side of this story is.

The attack also led to Matt helping Shelby and taking care of her, and despite the drama going on throughout the house, everyone seemed to stop and help Shelby which was nice to see. It makes me wonder though, if these relationships will grow so that they continue to try and help each other, or will they eventually turn on each other?

One final thing that needs to be talked about is Rory and Audrey. I was just getting used to how cute and lovely they are together when he was killed last episode. It was a shame seeing her doubt his love for her, and then later when she found his body, it was an obvious reveal (with the bloody dripping), but her reaction was so well done. I think the previous episode highlighted very well by the end that Rory did genuinely love Audrey and cared for her. At this point I’m not too sad because we have had a lot of warning that everyone (except one person) is going to die, but it’s still a shame we didn’t get to see more of that relationship.

Talking about Audrey, Sarah Paulson’s accent is much better! It’s not as strong or as obviously put on in this episode. I’m really starting to get used to it. What did you think?

Also, on a final note, I found it hilarious that although he is dead we still managed to get some kind of “fuck you, Sidney” line. Hopefully we’ll continue to get many more in the future.


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