This weeks episode was a lot more serious than any other so far this season. We knew after last weeks episode that this one wouldn’t be as lighthearted as usual. That’s not to say the episode didn’t have its funny moments, but for the most part, we were dealing with the sorrow that was expected after the previous episode.


The episode picks up with the crime of the week which involves a bride being shot and killed on her wedding day, a wedding that is zombie themed and takes place in a cemetery. It was a nice little head tilt to the fact that this episode aired on Halloween in the States. It was just a nice way to open the episode in general, and I thought it was interesting that the final shot was of the bride lying dead and that segued into Lucifer trying to get drunk at his club in an attempt to forget or deal with what he had done.

The way the club scene were filmed with the cameras constantly moving around and that it had a slight slow-motion to it did a lot to put you in the moment, to make you feel light and almost carefree like Lucifer. I thought it was interesting that when it started to all slow down it was Linda that tried to stop him, to check up on him. This obviously makes sense because later on she’s the one that Lucifer chooses to reveal his true self to. Their relationship has always been more than professional, but the fact that she came looking for him, and despite the way he acted towards her, still chose to offer her help, shows just how much she cares. It goes beyond more than just a person who takes their job seriously.

Of course when she does find out that Lucifer hasn’t been speaking in metaphors she reacts like anyone might. She’s so stunned that even as Lucifer leaves the room she just sits there, staring at the wall. Hopefully Linda will come around, but when you find out your patient really is the Devil, how are you supposed to react? It’s bound to take time, but I think there’s too much between them for her not to come to terms with this and still be by his side as a friend.

The most heart breaking part about that entire scene was the fact that Lucifer seems relieved at the idea of finally revealing his true self to someone he cares about, and who seemingly cares about him, but once he has he realises there’s no relief. Although Linda hasn’t acted out, she is still clearly terrified and you can see the moment he realises that it was a mistake. He knows how terrifying his real face is and all the negative reactions towards him as the Devil, so it’s more like he’s upset and disappointed in himself for believing that this time would be different.

Also that scene parallels the scene between Maze and Trixie earlier on expect it goes the opposite way. Trixie is upset that Maze isn’t wearing a costume, so the latter gets her to turn around while she reveals her true form. I’m guessing that she only revealed part of it so as not to scare Trixie, and when she does you can see how nervous and worried she is, but then Trixie is excited and exclaims how cool it is, in that moment you just see relief flood Maze and it’s so beautiful. You can see how happy and relieved she is when Trixie takes her hand and says they’ll get so much candy. It’s been mentioned before that Maze doesn’t have a life outside of Lucifer and although she’s still been there for them, she’s managed to find herself a life away from him, and yes Trixie doesn’t know the truth, but in some small way Maze has found someone that accepts that side of her.


In fact, Maze and Trixie were just adorable throughout this whole episode. At the beginning Trixie was playing on Maze’s sex swing and Maze had actually taken the time to push her. And then much later after they’ve been out all day we have them asleep on the couch, all cuddled up. You can tell that Chloe was going to yell at Maze for having horror movies on that were definitely not age appropriate, but then she sees the two of them and she realises that Maze is trying and that she might be good for Trixie in the end.

Speaking of Maze and Chloe when the latter says “maybe living together was a bad idea” I’m glad they didn’t seem to expand on it. The two of them are so different, but they work so well together and I want more relationships to expand in this show.

Chloe trying to help Lucifer was one of the smaller heartbreaking moments in the episode. When she tells him to at least speak to someone, even if it’s not her, you can see how upset she is. It’s undeniable that they have a connection and Chloe would be so aware that something isn’t right with him, in fact she say as much in the episode, and the fact that he won’t open up to her and is trying to push her away must make her so upset, but not necessarily because she wants to know his business, but because she knows he’s suffering alone. Chloe sees the side to Lucifer that most people don’t see, the vulnerable side.

This episode, and the previous ones, all seem to be building up to Chloe finding out about Lucifer. On a less personal level the fact that one person (Linda) has found out suggests that more will in the future, but on a more personal level there have been several times this season alone where Chloe has repeated the line “I’m here for you” in some form or another, and that coupled with Lucifer saying “You can’t understand, Detective. And you never will.” seems to suggest that they’re building to a big moment where Lucifer’s true form will be revealed and it’ll all hang on her reaction. I think at first, like Linda, it’ll be an (understandably) negative reaction, she’ll most likely deny what she’s seen, because she has already seen a lot and still refuses to believe, that would mirror what Lucifer said, but then she’ll step up to all the times she said “I’m here for you” and push past any fear and denial she has to help Lucifer. I think a reveal would be perfect if they’re in a situation where Chloe has to save Lucifer. If they build it well it could be a great step in their relationship.


On the flip side to Lucifer’s path after killing Uriel, we have Amenadiel. He spends this episode with his mother trying to come to terms with everything that’s happened. First of all can I say that song that plays while they’re by Uriel’s grave is one of my favourites. You can listen to it here. It’s also on spotify and if you’re curious there’s a Lucifer on Fox account (on spotify) which has playlists for the music in each season, the account can be found here. The song, Way Down We Go, that they chose for that scene was such a perfect choice. The lyrics, the beat, everything just fit so beautifully.

That whole sequence of events was one of the more heartbreaking times in the episode. Knowing that Lucifer had taken the time to bury his brother, and that it was somewhere very beautiful was touching detail that showed a lot about Lucifer as a person. Of course it was partly out guilt, but I think it was mostly down to the fact that no matter what Lucifer truly loves his brother(s).

In those scenes, and even before this episode, you can see Amenadiel slowly pushing God away and everything is obviously changing for him, he’s going through a lot. He does have his mum around to support him, however, I’m not sure how much I trust her.

At the moment I think she genuinely cares for Amenadiel and Lucifer (and possibly her other children) and wants to be there for them, however, with her growing power I feel like that’s going to change. By the time it does both Amenadiel and Lucifer are going to have distanced themselves even more from God. If she ever does try to take over and reclaim Heaven, then each Angel she turns against God would work in her favour. Even if they don’t support her, there will be a lot to push aside and get over in order to work with God again.

Overall this episode was very good! I say that every single week but this show just keeps on giving for me. It was interesting to see a more real and serious episode, but it still felt like good old Lucifer, it wasn’t too jarring.

If you’re unaware the season has supposedly been given a full episode order and that means we’ll be getting 22 episodes this season. I’m so unbelievably happy about this news. It’ll mean that not only do we get more content, but we get it in a way that it can be explored more deeply before the end of the season. Here’s hoping they use their full episode order well, and that it gives us even more luck in getting a season 3!

But for now let’s take it just one episode at a time, and hey, why not watch the promo for the next episode:

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