I have so many feeling after this episode of Lucifer. This entire episode was enjoyable and I feel like  a lot of things fit into one of two categories (or both), those categories being story lines and character relationships.

lucifer 2x07 john.png

First with the stories. One of the major ones was about Chloe’s dad. We don’t know too much about him and we’ve never seen him before, but straight away we’re given enough to sympathise with him. Through the flashback scene and the way Chloe (and others) talk about him you’re given this sense of character, a character you can get behind. That coupled with Chloe’s determination and emotion (along with the determination of other characters) makes you, the audience member, feel invested in the story. They did a really good job of containing a story that could have stretched out longer than one episode. I would have had no problem with this stretching further, because it’s personal to Chloe, but this episode did a good job of getting to the point but also not rushing it.

Another big story line was Lucifer following Dan around. These were scenes were both funny and heartbreaking. Seeing the two of them together was hilarious, but by the end of the episode you can see them both come to the realisation that maybe they were wrong about each other. It even seems like they might become friends, we’ll have to see about that though. Either way something had to happen, they’ve always clashed but they have Chloe (and even Trixie) in common so really they were going to have to find some kind of middle ground no matter how stable.

lucifer 2x07 danformation.png

The last story line(s) about Maze and Linda. Linda trying to cope with Lucifer being the Devil and Maze being a demon, and Maze’s search for a job. The fact that Linda did seem at war with herself over the idea of not knowing what to think but also not wanting to hurt Maze. In the end it seems like she’s going to at least try, hopefully those drinks go well. In terms of Lucifer I think it’s going to take her a little more time, she’s been physically close to him and even emotionally close. Plus she’s seen his true form but not Maze’s. Speaking of Maze, her looking for a job was a great addition to the story it showed that she, like Lucifer, is trying to be more human and fit in and change for the better. The fact that she got the job that she did was very fitting, and it was very sweet that despite Linda turning her away before she still went there to share her good news.

lucifer 2x07 linda maze.png

Now onto the relationships, here they are listed and why I think they had some good recognition this week:

  • Dan and Lucifer we’ve spoken about a little, but it really feels like they covered a lot of ground this week and their relationship seems to be forever growing. They seemed to actually listen to each other in the end. I hope their sometimes bickering and such doesn’t end, but it’s nice to know they have more of an understanding of each other.
  • Maze and Linda, again we’ve spoken briefly a little, but I think it shows a lot that Linda never seemed happy about the idea of cutting Maze out of her life, and in the end their relationship and journey together seemed to outweigh everything.
  • Maze and Chloe (and Trixie). Those three living together is an absolute blessing and I want to see more about it! The fact that Chloe pointed to herself and indicated that she and Maze are in fact friends was a very special moment. With that, Linda deciding to try and stay friends with Maze, and Trixie offering advice to Maze about job hunting, she is slowly gaining a family and more people to care about her.
  • Ella and Chloe. That moment when Ella offers to help and reveals she’s already started and Chloe hugs her, you can just see the emotion in Chloe’s eyes. I’ve said that Ella is going to fit right in and that seems to be cemented more and more with each episode.
  • Lucifer and Chloe. Oh boy, this episode. Lucifer was always his typical self but there were these moments (that have happened in the past) where he detects something isn’t right with Chloe and his face changes, he becomes focused on that and concerned. There were two moments with them in particular. The first is when Chloe says “I need my partner” when Lucifer questions if she needs someone more like Dan to help, and later in the scene where he says Chloe’s dad would be proud of her. The fact that he assumes he’s hurt her just adds to this idea of self loathing, but Chloe being speechless and hugging Lucifer so tightly just shows how much he means to her. I’ve always felt like Chloe has been more aware than most about Lucifer’s good side. That hug says a lot about them and their relationship and I think it’s just another positive step forward.

Overall this episode was very good. It was well done and I really felt invested. It was nice for Chloe to have more focus again. We’ve seen her a lot of course in season 2 but not like this and it made me realise how much I miss her. With the season having been extended to 22 episodes we’ve got a long way to go and I personally am every excited!

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