Considering this episode was longer than usual, this review is going to be short and sweet, mostly because what I think is worth talking about can be contained.

twd 7x4.jpg

Having good focus on the Alexandria group after everything that happened in episode one was nice to see, even if their space is invaded by Negan who of course shows up earlier than expected.

Negan is aware of his power and that becomes abundantly clear when he hands Rick Lucile and casually walks into Alexandria. The fact that he leaves his precious bat behind shows that he knows that 1) the bat will be fine, 2) he’ll get it back, and 3) it won’t be used against him. He knows all of this because he knows Rick and others wouldn’t dare cross him, no matter how badly they want to. He even starts to test Rick, pushing all of his buttons, knowing full well that Rick still holds Lucile and could beat him at a moments notice.

Carl still continues to be the shining beacon. His scenes are some of my favourite so far this season, especially the ones with Negan. I can’t wait to see them interact more in the future, and if they ever do kill Negan off I need Carl to be the one to do it. Although with all those moments where it looked like Rick might actually hit Negan with Lucile I’m pretty sure they’re going to build up to him doing it, which makes sense, he is the main character after all, but it would be a deserving end to have Carl be the one to take down Negan.

When they mention that mixing Alexandria and Hilltop to fight back Negan wouldn’t work because the Saviors have more numbers, it actually gave me hope, mostly because they don’t know about the Kingdom yet. That probably won’t make up the numbers either but it will certainly help. I definitely think one person will take down Negan, but that will only happen once they’ve got a big enough Army to tackle the Saviors.

I feel like jumping around from place to place each episode could get a bit much, but if they’re careful it’ll make sure the audience stays interested this season because they’ll keep tuning in to find out what’s going on with each group especially if there’s been an episode or two break. Plus, it makes it more interesting when certain groups (in the case of episode 4, Alexandria and the Saviors) come together and have interactions.

One thing I’m looking forward to when we check back in with the Saviors is Daryl. He was very quiet and did everything he was told this episode, and it’ll be interesting to see how he acts away from the people of Alexandria. It was also a nice little moment when Rick walked a few paces after the truck, keeping his eyes on Daryl, as the Saviors left.

Another couple of things I’m looking forward to, this time with the Alexandria group, is what is Rosita up to. I want to know more of her plan, and where is Maggie? I can only guess she’s at Hilltop, and I have to assume that they’re keeping quiet about her being alive because of the baby, but there could be more to it, and I’m intrigued.

Overall this episode wasn’t bad. I really do feel that this season has been okay so far. I’ve only really had issues with the first episode (hence why the review was so long), but if this keeps up I might actually really enjoy this season! What do you think of it so far?

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