Every week I grow confident that they’re building to an eventual Lucifer/Chloe relationship as well as revealing the mother as a big bad.


Let’s talk about her first for a second. This week we got to see Charlotte trying out her job. You push past the fact that she learnt everything over a weekend by reading some Law books, because well, she’s a Goddess so I guess anything is possible. Plus, we don’t actually know how good she is at her job. I’m hoping for an episode where we get to see her trying to be lawyer. I feel like it would serve to be an amusing episode.

Of course though the last thing on Charlotte’s mind is her job. Although I didn’t originally suspect her to be the one that let Azrael’s Blade loose in the human world, I wasn’t surprised either. Clearly she hasn’t found a connection with humans like Lucifer (and others) have so it only makes sense that she doesn’t mind sacrificing a few to get what she wants.  The question now is, how far will she go? If you’ve seen the promo you know she’s going to try and convince Lucifer to go back to Heaven with her and Amenadiel, and part of her plan includes Chloe. We already know Charlottte doesn’t care that much about humans, so she’ll probably have no issue with going after Chloe and doing whatever is necessary. I get the feeling that they won’t reveal Charlotte as being a bad guy all along, but more as slowly turning into one.

The blade going missing throws Lucifer into his own investigation to find out who could have dug it up. Naturally he can’t do it by himself so he requests the help of Ella. I was so pleased to see that they were going to have scenes together, and a lot of them involved Ella and Lucifer by themselves. I definitely believe they’re going to have one of the best friendships/interactions of the entire season and I hope she comes back next season so they can include more and develop that friendship further. It’ll be an interesting story line to have if Ella discovers who Lucifer really is.

Their friendship helps to bring to light Chloe’s jealousy. In the past we’ve seen Lucifer become jealous over her, but now it’s Chloe’s turn. She still doesn’t seem to have come to any sort of conclusion on how she feels, but it’s certainly a step forward. Now that Lucifer has protected Chloe on several occasions, showed an interest in her general feelings/well being, and is now aware of her jealousy, I feel like it’s all building to them confronting their feelings. Whether it be with each other is another question. I’ve experienced some slow burning ships in the past, particularly ones where by the time person B realises their feelings person A is already trying to move on. I think it’ll be a while before we see Chloe and Lucifer as a couple, but the writers certainly seem to be building up to it. Either way we’ve still got a while to go and plenty of time for them to build up this relationship.

Another thing worth mentioning is Linda. I feel like I would be her in this situation. I would be shocked, and then once I’ve started to come to terms with it, I would ask every burning question. I mean, wouldn’t you take the chance? Seeing her come to terms didn’t seem too rushed at all because she’s clearly still processing everything. I’m happy to see that her friendship with Lucifer is back on track, and although it was only mentioned, she and Maze seem to be okay too. Now she’s actually more interested and invested in the things Lucifer tells her because she knows they’re 100% real and not metaphors.

Two other important things I’m glad were included:

  1. The comment about Donald Trump going to Hell. – “So, we can you know, talk about Caligula, Stalin, Trump. I mean, I know he’s not dead, but he’s definitely going.”
  2. The Angel of Death (Azrael) is a woman. Of course that will be much more interesting if she’s actually introduced, but it does reveal that some of the Angels are in fact female. I love getting these little glimpses into what Angels they plan to include and any other little details about them.

Overall I think this episode was simple, but good. Arguably every single story line blended together so it never felt like the episode was trying to juggle too much. That’s one of my favourite things about this show, they never seem to try too much, but they also stop it from being boring. They’ve found a really good balance.

If you’ve seen the episode let me know what you think! And you can watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

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