Lucifer really is just the gift that keeps on giving. This weeks episode was just something else. You can definitely see them building gradually but surely to specific goals, and each week I get more and more excited to see those goals.


The first one I’m going to talk about is mum’s mission to get back to Heaven. I really can’t decide whether they’re going to reveal her as being a big bad the whole time, just waiting for the right opportunity, or if they’re going to have her turn into the big bad. I could see it happening both ways. I’ve never trusted her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s always had some ulterior motive, however, with the obstacles she’s faced so far and the things she’s had to do, I can see power getting to her head and changing her. I mean, we’ve seen that she’s not afraid to kill humans, and she even tries to go after Chloe, so there’s really nothing holding her back, I don’t even think her sons could stop her. So far she seems to have not hurt them because she knows she can keep them on her side, although you can argue that she is trying to hurt Lucifer by going after Chloe.

Either way it’s building to some kind of big confrontation with her, and everything seems to fit with that. Lucifer is starting not to trust her again, but he’s already had that moment of weakness by letting her stick around and he’s already had to kill his own brother, so I can imagine that that inevitable confrontation, if she becomes a big bad, is going to be hard for Lucifer. It’ll be a big change for his character.

Amenadiel will most likely have to go through a similar thing. He spent his whole life, like Lucifer, fearing their mother and wanting to keep her in Hell, but now he’s relying on her. He’s still adjusting to the idea of being a fallen angel, and she’s one of the few people he has to lean on. I can see this building to a confrontation between him and Lucifer, but based on this weeks episode and next week’s promo, I don’t see any sibling rivalry lasting. They always seem to team up when they know its for the greater good, we just have to hope that none of their worries gets in the way. It won’t be  easy to go up against their own mum, so it’s definitely going to be a explosive confrontation no matter what.

And this is all going on the fact that she does become a big bad. With next week (episode 10) being the mid-season finale I definitely feel it going that way. If you’ve seen this episode and the promo for next week you know that Charlotte tries to kill Chloe, and there’s even a scene where she seems to have her hand around Amenadiel’s throat, raising him into the air. We also know that Lucifer has discovered his feelings for Chloe and that she might be his home, so we can only imagine how he’s going to react.

Depending how it goes, she could be an established villain by the end of episode 10 and the next half of the season could be about bringing her down. They did say that season 2 would be about Lucifer and Amenadiel teaming up again to track down their mother and take her back to Hell. Well that didn’t happen, they found her and then she stayed and it happen very quickly, so maybe that will happen in the second half of season 2 and we’ll see them try to take her back. It’ll be harder now because their ways of getting her back are limited.

Stepping away very slightly away from that story line, let’s talk about Chloe. I still have a lot of questions about her. Why does she make Lucifer physically vulnerable? Is it love? It wouldn’t surprise if it was as simple as that. I’ve come to terms with the fact that we might never know, or at least we won’t know for a while. I’m fine with that. We know, it’s kind of hard not to see, that she and Lucifer have had a connection from the beginning. That connection has only grown stronger, and they’re a lot closer than they once were.

As I mentioned above, we know that Lucifer has discovered his feelings for Chloe, and it seems like on some level she is aware of hers. It’s always been apparent, more so this season, that they’re building to those two getting together. Anything can happen, and I have shipped things that have met many obstacles before they get together, so I’m not holding out too much hope that it’ll happen any time soon, but it’s definitely going to happen. Whether it be this season or in a few seasons time.

This episode was a huge step for them. We saw Chloe get rid of the cops and allow Lucifer to keep his party at Lux going so that he could keep his home for at least another day or two. Chloe has always been a good person, but I think she would have struggled to make that decision in the past. But now she knows Lucifer (is in love with Lucifer) and she knows that this isn’t fair. Lux is his home and no matter what people say about him, he doesn’t deserve to lose it. So Chloe doesn’t even hesitate, she doesn’t have to be convinced, she just acts because he means more to her and it’s the right thing to do. They really do bring out the good in each other.

Some other things to mention about this episode:

  • Linda meeting Charlotte. It’s was hilarious, but was also a great moment when Linda refused to talk about her sessions with Lucifer. Of course, Charlotte still works out that Lucifer is in love with Chloe because of Linda’s words/reaction, but kudos to Linda for not spilling her friends deepest secrets and issues, even when a Goddess asks.
  • Linda knowing about Lucifer’s feeling for Chloe! It wasn’t surprising that someone had to spell it out to him. He seemed to be aware on  some level that something was going on, but he never seemed to be able to come to the the conclusion that they might have feelings for each other without Linda.
  • Ella. She was hardly in it, but she always makes me laugh.
  • Dan and Charlotte. Okay, we know she’s using him, but that was just… Unexpected. And not even in a bad way. I’m starting to like Dan more and more. Although I don’t want the whole Detective Douche nickname to go away, I definitely think he’s become a much better person and is really getting a decent arc.
  • The one thing better than Dan and Charlotte? Amenadiel’s reaction. I couldn’t stop laughing at how upset and disgusted he was, and Maze teasing him for it and taking pictures. They make such a great pair and I hope their dynamic is explored more, even if it is in small doses.
  • Lucifer taking over the tour of LA as a way to get Amenadiel to stick around and think of it as his home.

Overall this episode was a good one and seems to be a stepping stone to something much bigger and much better. I’m pleased to know that there’s going to be 22 episodes this season, because it means there’s a lot more room to explore story lines in greater detail. What did you think of the episode? Let me know! And you can watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

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