We’ve reached the mid-season finale of Lucifer. I’m partially excited by this because it’s a reminder that this is a longer season, but at the same time I don’t want to wait till January to see another episode. To be more exact episode 11 will air on January 16th in the U.S. and will become available on Amazon Prime the next day for pretty much everywhere else. The wait isn’t too long, and hopefully we’ll get some more promo material between now and then.

luciifer 2x11.png

This weeks episode connects back to episode 7 in which Chloe was looking for her dad’s killer. Now we’ve reached the trial and of course things don’t go smooth sailing. Charlotte comes into the mix to represent Perry Smith and to prove to Lucifer that Chloe would easily turn against him in the hopes of getting Lucifer to return to Heaven with her and Amenadiel. In some ways this does go to plan, but for the most part it only serves to prove how close Chloe and Lucifer really are, and how much they mean to each other.

We get to see moments where Chloe compliments Lucifer without really being prompted. She even jokes about him having run Hell and being good at punishing bad guys. She’s joked about it before, but it’s always been in a strict “I don’t really believe you” kind of way, sometimes it even comes across like she’s laughing at him, but now this time we get to see that although she doesn’t believe he’s really ran Hell, she’s willing to joke about it. It clearly shows that she’s accepting all sides to Lucifer, and hopefully this is leading up to the fact that she will continue to accept him once she finds out he’s the Devil (although it might take her some time, just like it did with Linda).

At the same time we get to see Lucifer complimenting Chloe on how she is a good person. Although he won’t lie for her, he never lets the jury think that Chloe is a bad person. He defends her right up to the end. When Charlotte admits to trying to blow Chloe up Lucifer gets very defensive, and is very close to lashing out. This all but proves that Lucifer has found someone, other than himself, to care about, someone he would do anything for. Lucifer will probably always be a little selfish, but with Chloe he’s slowly becoming more and more selfless.

We see their relationship grow, and along with that we finally start to get answers about Chloe. Ever since we found out she made Lucifer vulnerable we’ve known something has to be up with her. We now know that she’s a miracle baby, that God sent down Amenadiel to bless her parents so that they could have her. This all leads to the theories that Chloe was born for a specific reason, that coupled with Charlotte saying that Chloe is their way of getting back to Heaven, suggests that she (Chloe) is of some significant importance.

This leaves a few questions. Was Chloe put in Lucifer’s path for a reason like Charlotte suspects? Were they even supposed to meet? If they weren’t that would explain why God was so adamant that Lucifer go back to Hell. Now that we know Chloe is of some importance (otherwise why would God put in some much effort in making sure she was born), it explains why He never got angry over Lucifer going back on his deal. We know Uriel mostly came down of his own accord, but arguably God only struck that deal to make Lucifer bring Charlotte back to Hell, when Lucifer didn’t God wasn’t going to kill Chloe in retaliation because He needed her to be alive.

There’s many more questions than that, and we still have a long way to go. There’s clear indication that Chloe is the key to Heaven, but we don’t know how that works and we don’t know God’s intentions in any of this. With Charlotte planning on using Chloe to get back to Heaven, and Chloe and Lucifer clearly becoming closer and closer, we’re going to have to start getting more answers to these questions. It’s also building more to Chloe finding out the truth about Lucifer, either because he has to reveal himself to protect her, or because she sees something else and connects the dots to realise that Lucifer might not have been lying about being the Devil.

Some other good things to note:

  • Maze protecting Chloe.
  • Amenadiel realising he messed up with Maze and trying to make it up to her, but also starting to doubt/see the bad side to his Mum.
  • Linda knowing what is up, as always.
  • Dan and Lucifer. I appreciate that Detective Douche is still a thing!
  • Ella. Just Ella. She’s always brilliant.
  • The end scene with Dan setting up Perry with Maze to make up for the fact that he slept with Charlotte and gave away details about the case.

Overall I’m going to leave this review there. From the promo of episode 11 (video at the bottom of this post) it seems like it picks up right where this episode left off, so I’m trying to keep a lot of my theories and thoughts under wraps until I get more information in January. However, if you have any theories or thoughts about what happened in episode 10, or what might happen in the future, then please feel free to leave them in a comment below!

Generally this episode was very good! I feel like this season is just getting better and better with each episode. I’ve always been invested in the characters and their lives and relationships, but now I’m more so. It’s all clearly building to something big and I can’t wait for the show to return in January!

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