Here we are at the mid-season finale. It’s odd, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this season. It’s not the best, but it’s actually been pretty enjoyable. I didn’t particularly like the first episode, except for a few moments (you can read my review here), but for the most part this season has actually been fairly good! Due to that it feels like this half of the season has actually gone quite quickly and I can’t believe we’ve reached the mid-season already!

the walking dead 7x08 review.png

It felt good to be opening with Maggie at Hill Top, I was starting to miss that side of the story already. She’s starting to look a lot better, but it’s clear she’s still got a way to go. Her exchange with Gregory was hilarious, especially when you remember that the last time we saw them interact, she punched him in the face. When he told her not to let the nice things people were saying get to her head, only for her to respond with “Don’t let it bother you. Seems like it bothers you.”I laughed so hard. Maggie is so done with Gregory and refuses to let him have any kind of impact on her, and I love it. And there’s also that moment when she makes him give up his apple. Seeing Maggie completely own Gregory is my favourite thing, not only do we get to see her grieve and be upset after what happened, but we get to see her step up and own it.

Seeing how well Maggie, Sasha, and Enid are fitting in is nice to see. At this rate anyone is better than Gregory, but the people of Hill Top could have easily turned on them. It’ll make it much easier I think for her to convince anyone who can fight at Hill Top to help with their plans to take down Negan.

Judith and Carl sitting watching Negan was incredibly weird, but also very cute. Especially Judith who probably has no idea what’s going on or who this person is. It all just adds to how bizarre the whole situation is. Seeing Negan being so domestic is always going to be interesting and a little odd. He always seems so at ease so it really shouldn’t be too surprising, and yet.

Okay, I’m sorry, but I was so freaking happy when Negan killed Spencer. I really don’t know what it is, but I just can’t stand him and I’m so happy he’s finally been taken out. I found it impossible to feel sad, and the only reason I was a little shocked is because it was sudden and brutal, and I honestly expected to have to put up with him for a long time.

Tara standing up and being willing to take the blame for making the bullet was clearly an impulse thing, and that just shows what a great person she is. She didn’t even have to think twice about risking her life just so someone else wouldn’t get shot. Also, the fact that Eugene finally stepped up was a shame because they (Alexandria) could’ve used his help later, but also it was nice to see him finally step up. It’ll be interesting to see how he survives being with the Saviors, because he’s certainly a lot different to Daryl who was struggling himself to survive.

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. I’ve honestly been waiting so long for him to have more screen time. He always pops up, and of course he’s been there for the big stuff, but I’ve been waiting (somewhat patiently) for him to have some more, and here we are!

Rick: If you want to stay back…

Aaron: I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.

Seeing Aaron stepping up, no questions asked, and actually feeling a little offended at the idea of someone assuming he’d back out was great to see! He always felt to me like someone who would be willing to take risks, especially to help other people. It was also nice to see that Rick only said that because he’s fully aware that people don’t agree with how he’s handling things, and not because he doubts Aaron.

Watching them trying to cross the water in that boat was a lot more intense than I expected it to be. When Aaron got pulled into the water I screamed and quickly paused it, because I just needed to take a second. Actually, during this whole episode he just struggled to catch a break. First the water, then the Saviors finding that note from the boat. My heart was in my mouth the entire time he was getting beat up. It hurts more because you know Aaron is willing to just take it, because at least it’s him and not someone else.

Some other things to note:

  • Why do people in this show not realise that doing certain things will most likely result in others getting killed? Richard wanting to attack the Saviors doesn’t seem to realise that with the numbers they have it’ll probably result in loads of innocent deaths or the Saviors attacking back much worse (which could be avoided for now). And then when Rosita attacks Negan and seems shocked when someone else gets killed, I know, she expected it to be her that got punished, but it’s not at all surprising.
  • “Carol, I imagine that violence and fighting is something you haven’t been a part of.” I have never laughed so hard in my life, especially at her initial reaction.
  • Daryl’s whole escape was pretty interesting. It was another one of those intense moments, because you were never really sure if he was going to make it or get caught. When he beat that guy up outside I was little unsure, on the one hand that guy did seem like he was only with Negan to survive and not because he agreed with everything, but putting myself in Daryl’s situation I most likely would have done the exact same thing. Plus, it’s not like Daryl enjoyed doing it, you can see the emotion on his face instantly.
  • Michonne actually didn’t have a lot of screen time, but her speech to Rick was amazing and made up for that fact.
  • Admittedly, Father Gabriel is growing on me a little, which I thought I’d never say! I don’t think he’ll ever be a favourite, but I certainly don’t dislike him as much as I used to.

Seeing them group together and reunite at the end was so nice! The emotion and just those little moments between different characters was a surprisingly positive end to the episode, especially after everything that happened.

I don’t doubt that we’ll have a lot of death and heartache during the second half, but it gives me hope that they really are building to the communities banding together in order to take down Negan. I don’t expect it to be easy, or without losing some favourite characters, but fingers crossed that this means that they will succeed (whether it be this season or next season) in taking out Negan, or at the very least most of the Saviors to weaken his power.

I’m actually quite excited for the second half. Are you? What have you liked (or even disliked) about the season so far and what are you looking forward to next?

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