This post is spoiler free!

The Crown premiered on Netflix in early November with all 8 episodes of season 1 being available at once. Each episode lasts between 54 and 61 minutes. The show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the present day. For now it is expected to span 6 seasons (around 60 episodes).


The first episode starts in 1947 where we see Prince Phillip (played by Matt Smith) giving up his royal titles and foreign relations in order to marry Princess Elizabeth (played by Claire Foy). We see the beginning of their marriage throughout the episode, with a time jump involved. As well as this we see that King George VI (played by Jared Harris) is sick and his health is only getting worse, along with Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow) being elected prime minister for the second time.

From the moment the episode started I was intrigued. We first meet King George who is alone in the bathroom coughing up blood before he goes out to perform some duties. It was a pretty interesting and sombre way to start the episode. From there you’re pretty much thrown into it. The episode as a whole is beautifully shot and the pacing is very well done. I spent the whole episode not wanting it to end, and feeling completely captivated.

Along with the visuals and overall story telling, a lot of the captivation goes to the cast who, in their entirety, are outstanding. Every single one of them does an amazing job, but the person who blew me away the most was Claire Foy. Her acting was so on point and I would absolutely believe she was Queen Elizabeth II.

Without giving too much away this first episode does a really good job at introducing you to some of the most important people/characters of the show as well as setting up the story. It gives you just a glimpse at what I’m sure is going to be a fantastic season.

If you haven’t checked out The Crown yet I highly recommend you do!

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