One thing Lucifer does really well is that it moves stories along pretty well. Of course some things have to be long term, like Chloe making Lucifer vulnerable or getting back to Heaven, but other story lines don’t have to be drawn out too far. One example from this episode is the poison. We saw a glimpse of it at the end of episode 11 (I originally thought that it was something more divine), and we were given all the answers we needed in episode 12. They wasted no time in continuing on that cliffhanger and creating answers, because it wasn’t necessarily part of the bigger picture. However it did lend a helping hand towards the bigger picture/overall story.


The poison presented a case in which Lucifer and Chloe were able to navigate what they meant to each other, and then we’re also presented with a new cliffhanger in the shape of Chloe’s nose bleeding at the end of the episode. This will drag the poison story line out to a third episode, but it’s most likely going to be in a minor sense as now we have Lucifer knowing that Chloe was put in his path as well as the search for a cure which will no doubt take place.

Overall the case of the week was actually pretty interesting. It was very “Saw” like but in the best ways, and of course Lucifer wasn’t as visually gross. I can see the struggle in those decisions that the victims had to make, they’re hard ones, and I honestly don’t know what I would do. The story was well executed, and they used just enough examples to progress forward, but not to over do it.

The Lucifer and Chloe content in this episode was just as pleasing as I hoped it would be. Since the realisation that there could be something between them, there’s been progression. We had a hiccup in episode 11 with Chloe thinking it wouldn’t work, but then it ended on the kiss. Although this episode didn’t have as much of a hopeful ending, it was still a step forward in a way.

We got the moment where Chloe was concerned for Lucifer’s life and he then came to realise that what they had was real. The doubt comes when Charlotte tells him that God put Chloe in his path, but with Chloe bleeding at the end hopefully Lucifer’s doubts will be pushed aside, and with the end of this 3 episode arc coming up hopefully there’ll be more clarity on Chloe and God that she and Lucifer can be together. I don’t expect it to be easy, that would be boring, but it would be nice if they were dealing with the struggles together.

Speaking of the truth coming out, it was a touching moment to see that Maze didn’t want to hurt Lucifer. You could see the worry on her face when she realised how happy Chloe made Lucifer. It was nice to see that Maze really does care about Lucifer, and we know she’s starting to care about Chloe too. The show does a really good job at show Maze as this badass who can put her emotions to one side and get the job done, but also as someone who does have feelings and does care. They never make her one or the other, but show a blend of both. Although the latter has become more obvious as the show as progressed.

Two final things I appreciated from this week’s episode:

  • Linda having to deal with both Lucifer and Charlotte and noting the resemblance between them.
  • Ella being in this episode. We saw so much of her and it was so nice after her absence last week. She’s such a great character and it seems like when she appears they try and make the most of her.

Overall this episode was a really good one for a number of reasons, and I’m really excited to see what they do with episode 13. They’ve specified that these 3 are an arc and then we get the hiatus (of about 3 months), but no doubt some of what happens in these 3 episodes will bleed into the rest of the season. Although the season was supposed to be 13 episodes (like the first season), so perhaps the rest of season 2 will continue on but also take on a new life all together.

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