Important notice: this review was up and for some reason the body of text disappeared somehow, meaning that (on February 12th) it has been re-written.

So we’ve reached the winter finale of Lucifer. Episode 13, a Good Day to Die, also closes up the 3 episode arc we’ve recently had, but also keeps options open for future episodes.


This week’s episode starts off where the last one ended. We see Lucifer driving Chloe’s car and breaking the speed limits to try and get her to the hospital. Only she manages to convince him that they should go to work and try and find the cure.

Firstly, can we appreciate Ella showing up in her pyjamas because she wanted to get there as soon as they called? I really appreciate her as a character and every time she’s on screen I realise just how much I missed her when she’s not here.

Speaking of that, I loved how every character made an appearance in this episode but it didn’t feel like it was too much. In the past it’s been clear they don’t try to shoehorn in characters if they’re not needed. So in episodes where someone like Ella has been absent, it’s made sense. However, everyone was here this week and it worked so well.

Speaking of characters, I appreciated a lot of the dynamics we saw this week. I love that we got to see more of Lucifer and Dan, and I’m so glad that Dan was the one to punch that guy because doing that seems like something Lucifer might do, and the fact that Dan went against his own orders and acted on instinct was great. It clarifies that he still loves Chloe in some way and cares about her. (Something that you couldn’t really doubt, but it’s still nice to have that confirmation).

Either way, the dynamic I appreciate the most this episode was Ella and Dan. The way she so casually mentioned stealing cars and how it’s no fun if you don’t drive them really fast. Dan’s reactions to various moments with Ella was beautiful, and it shows how there are so many combinations of pairings we can have and how well the cast play off each other, even when we’re not used to seeing them together.

Other dynamics that should be appreciated:

  • Amenadiel and Trixie, how cute were they? I loved that he didn’t treat her like a child and openly admitted that he had no idea why there were bad people. I also love that Trixie seemed to have a big impact on him. She had one on Maze, and now Amenadiel too it seems.
  • Linda and Maze. What can I say? Give these two their own show, honestly.

So one of the big parts of this episode was going back to Hell. Firstly, let’s appreciate the fact that Lucifer was willing to go to Hell for Chloe again. He did it back at the end of season 1 in order to protect her, and he’s doing it again now to save her life.

I like that we got to delve a little deeper into Hell this time around, and I can definitely get on board with it being a different experience for everyone. I also appreciate that there is technically a way to get out of Hell, which was a nice little detail. Lucifer’s personal Hell was horrible though. The fact that he had to stab Uriel over and over and relive the guilt we know he has.

It was also interesting that when Lucifer seemed to breakaway and realise what he did was the right reasons, that that cell became a personal Hell for Charlotte and almost trapped her down there too. It was incredibly heartbreaking when she was trying to stay with Uriel and Lucifer had to drag her out. The fact that the slow motion went across various scenes that intersected made the whole thing even more intense. Admittedly the bit with Amenadiel trying to stop the doctors form taking Chloe was a little funny so did spoil it a little, but overall it definitely had the emotional impact it clearly set out for.

Speaking of Charlotte, I don’t know what to think anymore. I don’t trust her, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she did sell out her family to get what she wants, but I don’t think she’s the big bad I thought she would be. Perhaps she’ll turn into one by the end of the season, but as of right now I’m unsure and keeping a close eye on her.

A final thing I’m intrigued about is Maze. We saw her becoming very emotional this week over Lucifer and I appreciate that she’s still very much the badass we met way back in season one, she hasn’t changed, she’s just grown and developed.

With the whole soul thing, I hope it comes up again. Linda did mention talking about it at a later date, so hopefully that’s something we get to see. Linda knowing about angels and demons and all of that is my favourite thing, and I do want others to find out, but for now it’s really fun that she’s the only one. In this episode particularly it was amazing, especially when she stood by Lucifer when Charlotte walked out.

Overall though this episode was pretty good. As always it was a strong episode that was both emotional and funny. Like I said before it did close up the three episode arc: the poison case is closed, Chloe is alive, etc, but it leaves the door open for more. Where is Lucifer? We still need to find out more about Chloe. What did Uriel mean? There’s that and more to come.

It was a pretty solid winter finale overall and the wait for the show to return in May is going to be a slow one.

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