So this episode did feel a little more like a filler episode, but it was still enjoyable, which is one of the things Bones always does well. Every show needs to have filler episodes in which things can continue to move along, but nothing really profound happens. With Bones we do get these, but they’re always interesting and fun to watch.

We start off episode 3, the New Tricks in the Old Dogs, with a dark setting and three kids breaking into some kind of site that has a warning sign for toxic material. My favourite thing about this opening is the fact that the kids dressed up for the occasion, but were only breaking in in order to pull off an experiment. Which I have to admit was pretty cool, well, minus the dead body.

It’s a shame we never saw the kids again, but I did love the conversation between Brennan, Booth, and Aubrey in the car. I really appreciate that Aubrey is very much his own character, he’s pretty unique (really all of the characters are quite unique considering how many of them there are), but with Aubrey he started to come into the show as Sweets was leaving and I really love how they never tried to replace Sweets. Even when Karen Delfs came into the show, it never felt like she was replacing Sweets or trying to take his place.

The part at the crime scene where they were spraying the lawyer with the decontamination foam after Aubrey spills his smoothie on him was hilarious. Booth saying “He’s not going to survive if we don’t help, isn’t that right, guys?” and Aubrey’s “Just doing our job, Sir. Happy to help.” just made it a million times better, especially mixed with how happy they, Brennan, and Cam looked while they were spraying the lawyer.

Hodgin’s little rocking back in his wheelchair and how happy/impressed he seemed with the kids’ experiment was really cute, and definitely reminded me a lot of the old Hodgins. We also see that later when he says he wants to die that way, repeat the experiment with Michael Vincent’s help, and when he creates a replica of the victim in order for them to play out how he might have got his injuries. It was nice to see him finally feeling content with his life.

Speaking of the victim the crime really was nothing special. It was kind of sad to see that the killer was Red, because it was clear he didn’t mean to do it and that he was only trying to do the right thing, but beyond that it was lovely to see that the victim, in the end, tried to do the right thing and helped the woman he’d fallen in love with to reunite with her daughter again.

It was nice to see that Angela and Hodgins are considering having another baby, and that although Brennan and Booth are content with the size of their family, it’s nice to know that they’re not closing the door on potentially having another child too. Maybe the season will end with Brennan getting pregnant again? We’ll have to see. Also, can we please appreciate that when talking about her family Brennan mentioned Parker.

On the same note, and probably my favourite part of the whole episode, was Cam and Arastoo towards the end. The fact that they spent the episode not really being able to talk about babies, when it had come up with the other two couples, made the end more rewarding. To know that Cam didn’t want to get pregnant again, and that Arastoo was okay with that, that he would rather adopt, was beautiful. It’s a pretty big difference, and you could see that Cam was worrying about the fact that he wanted to be a dad but she didn’t want to get pregnant. The fact that they managed to find a middle ground in which they could both be happy was amazing and I definitely feel that their relationship will be one of the shining lights of this season.

Like I said this episode was very much a filler, but it was still enjoyable and like all Bones episodes isn’t one you can just skip over. It was nice to just sit back and watch this episode, it showed progression in various relationships and had a crime that wasn’t anything special, but was still fairly different to anything we’ve seen lately on the show.


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