So this week’s review is going to be short and sweet and talk about three major points. This episode continues the streak of a really good season, and even the case of the week was interesting.

The first major point I want to about our Brennan’s books. There are times where I forget about them, but this week’s episode gave the best reminder. It was much more entertaining that she failed in becoming the person to read the audiobook versions. I feel like it made the whole thing even better as opposed to her actually getting the gig. However, the best thing about her books coming up again is finding out that Fisher is a long-time fan of her work and even wrote fanfiction at one point.

The second major point is Aubrey. It was so interesting to see his struggle when it came to his Dad. I loved the interactions between him and Karen as they discussed the issue at hand, and I love how well they seemed to get along. In the end, I was pleased that Aubrey did give his Dad up, but it was also nice to see that he was willing to at least consider going against what he thought was the right thing (handing his Dad over) and let his Dad go if it meant helping his possible half-brother out.

The last major point is Hodgins and Cam. I couldn’t stop laughing at the way Hodgins eyes grew wide and he tried terribly to not alert Cam to the fact that the spiders had gotten loose. Again, it really made me think of the old Hodgins. Of course, after he lost the ability to walk he changed, a lot, but for a while, he was incredibly mean and lost interest in a lot of the things that made him happy. That all came back a while ago now, but it’s continued to get stronger ever since.

Although, the best parts came later when Angela points out the spiders climbing all over Cam’s face (ew).

Cam: I know Hodgins is your husband and your soul mate. Um, but I-
Angela:  No, no, we’ll kill him together.

The quote above really made me smile. I feel like this season we are getting lots of interactions between various characters, and hopefully, that continues because it’ll be the last chance we get to see it. Speaking of, we’ve had some amazing Cam and Hodgins interactions so it was great towards the end when she goes to his office and suggests that she may or may not wait a very long time before taking revenge on him for the spiders.

We’re almost halfway through the season (although the U.S. is ahead of us), and so far everything has been wonderful. We’ve gotten a variety of crimes for the cases of the week, we’ve had wonderful interactions between characters, we’ve had a different intern each week, and it’s just generally been a really funny, dramatic, and entertaining show to watch (as always).

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