This week we meet a new community: the Scavengers, which gives more leverage to the fact that the season will most likely end with the war against the Saviors beginning which will most likely lead into next season. Either way, let’s talk about the new community.

twd 7x10 community.png

So far every community we’ve come across seems to be run differently, which makes it more interesting, and makes it easier to remember each community. When the leader of the Scavengers threw Rick into that pit it was something that I wasn’t expecting. Of course, he managed to survive against the armoured Walker, but I like how he used the things around him to trap the Walker and then killed it. At first he seemed to panic (rightfully so) but in the end, he managed to get the task done and prove himself to the Scavengers.

It’ll be interesting to see how all of these deals with the different communities will pan out. We have to assume that they’ll connect with others like the Scavengers, communites that don’t have a prior connection to their group. Each of these are going to want something in exchange for fighting and will the group be able to deliver? For now it really does look like the group are making progress, and that makes me think there’s going to be some roadblocks in the near future to derail their plans.

At this point it’s impossible to know what to think about Richard. I find myself mostly against him, especially after finding out that he was willing to sacrifice Carol just to get Ezekiel to fight. However, I can understand his desperation. I guess we’ll have to see where he goes from here and what he does. For now, I don’t really trust him and I think he’s more likely to cause trouble for everyone as opposed to actually helping them.

Despite this, we did get Daryl finding Carol. Their reunion was nice to see. Every time the group is split in some way I always look forward to them being reunited, even if it’s only in small doses. I was a little irritated that Carol wasn’t told about everyone who died. For the most part it does make sense, she clearly can’t handle even the idea that someone she loves might be dead, and it would spur her on to fight when she’s maybe not ready, but it makes me wonder what they plan to do with her. She’s either going to have to find out soon so she can get involved, but if she never finds out (or does but still isn’t ready to fight) what will she do?

I do love when she randomly shows up in an episode and it’s usually because Ezekiel has come to visit her again. It’s usually really funny, but that can’t go on forever. So we’ll have to see where the show takes her from here.

Speaking of which, I did like his latest visit. Once again we got to see Jerry who is just a ball of sunshine during the apocalypse. I am waiting for a moment in which he suddenly turns serious or goes completely badass and beats a Savior (or Walker or someone) up. It would be so shocking and really amazing to see.

Some other things I appreciated with this episode:

  • I don’t think I’ll ever fully like Father Gabriel, but I love the development of his character and it seems that’s slowly continuing.
  • Tara touching her bracelet when Rick talks about using her knowledge so that they don’t go places they shouldn’t.
  • Rick taking that cat sculpture for Michonne. (In fact, every interaction those two is great).
  • Daryl and Shiva.

This episode was admittedly a little slower than previous ones, and I found my attention drifting slightly, but for the most part it was a solid episode and I’m still very excited to see where the rest of this season goes.

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