This week’s episode went from funny to sad in no time at all, although it did feel like a gradual (and natural) progression. We had the hilarious opening in which a woman is running away, and at first you think it’s another person, but it turns out it’s just a raccoon that’s chasing her. It was a funny, light-hearted way to open up the episode.

We have a serious and touching moment when Brennan shows concern for Max and talks about how they might not have long together, so she wants to be as involved in his life as possible. Especially when it’s to do with things like his health. Despite the seriousness of it all we do move on to the lab in which we see the others teasing Cam (well mostly Hodgins, and a little from Arastoo). This scene genuinely made me laugh out loud. Every time I see them being anything remotely like a family it makes me very happy.

We even get an adorable scene between Arastoo and Cam in which we see him making her smile/laugh and just in general we get to see them be the adorable couple they are.

The episode goes on like that. There’s elements of humour and light-heartedness put throughout, until eventually it blends into drama and more upsetting elements. We find out that more of this is linked back to Booth, and that others he cares about/knows have been killed. And of course, by the time we get to the end of the episode, we strike a loss.

It wasn’t a huge shock that Max died. There was always a chance that someone was going to die and although I did cry a little when it happend, and when Booth finds Brennan crying in the corridor, if it had to be anyone I was content with it being him. It was heartbreaking and of course I would want the show to end with everyone alive and happy, but that seems unrealistic and I felt the whole thing was handled pretty well.

For the most part. I would say my only critic of this episode is that it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. Now, there have been some pretty intense episodes of Bones in the past so I know it can be done, which is why I’m not too upset because if they wanted to make it really intense they would have done it. Plus, we don’t know for sure what they have planned for later episodes.

Either way, the progression of the season is still really good, and as we grow closer to the end I find myself becoming more excited for what could possibly come with each episode, and also sad at the fact that it’s coming to a close.

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