This post contains SPOILERS.

This weeks episode focuses primarily on Rick and Michonne and it is a glorious one. Back in episode 10 we met the Scavengers. Episode 12 explores Rick and Michonne searching for guns to give to the Scavengers as part of their deal, and who would have thought the process of doing such would be so interesting.

michonne rick grimes twd 7x12.png

It was nice to see Rick and Michonne going place to place with no real indication of what they were looking for. It seemed to be purely about finding things for Negan, but as we get to the fairground it slowly clicks that it’s about more than that.

We’ve seen for a long time how well Rick and Michonne work together, and this whole episode just proved it. The way they worked together to take down Walkers, and even make jokes about it, was great. The whole fairground portion was so much fun from when they fell through the roof of that building to when we all thought Rick had been killed.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was so obvious Rick had survived, or just down to the fact that it would have been disappointing if he had. Either way, it was clear that this wasn’t Rick Grimes’ final episode. However, it was a perfect display of how close he and Michonne have become. The fact that she was so visibly distraught and was willing to sacrifice her own life because she couldn’t imagine going on without him, told us so much. I was also really appreciative of the conversation between the pair that if one of them dies, the other must go on.

Also the bit where Michonne shoots the tin cans with the gun was a nice, fun little scene.

Their portions of the episode were funny, interesting, and really told us a lot about them both as separate characters and a couple. One thing that’s been great about this season is that we’ve had episodes that focus on a small number of characters, sometimes even just one.

sasha twd 7x12

Some other observations:

  • I completely understand why Rosita is acting the way she is, but I also appreciate the way Tara handled it. All Tara was trying to do was help and to stay positive to their plan. Fighting Negan and the Saviors is going to cause casualties no matter how they do it. They’ve all lost people. And Rosita’s way (killing Negan now as opposed to waiting) is arguably going to make things worse. Mostly because I don’t see it happening, and even if it does, there’s bound to be Saviors who will continue on without Negan so they’re still going to have to fight anyway.
  • Rosita and Sasha’s plans. The latter seems a lot more level-headed about the whole thing, whereas Rosita seems to be running on pure emotion at this point (which I think is evident in her conversation with Father Gabriel). I doubt their plan is going to work, but I’ll be interested to see how far they get with it.
  • Tara’s little conversation with Judith. That whole scene was just so adorable, but seeing her slowly trying to build up to telling Rick about the Oceanside community was a really good process to see. We know they have numbers and they also have guns. If they can be convinced to fight, or even give up some of their weapons, then maybe that will stop Rosita and Sasha from going ahead with their plan.

It’s all a matter of what if at this point. We’re quite close to the end of the series, but the writers and such have known they have a season 8 since season 7 was renewed so stories don’t have to end by the finale, they could easily stretch into next season. It’ll be interesting to see either way and if we do get a cliffhanger hopefully it’s a better one than season 6’s.

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