This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode we revisit the relationship between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. The two of them announce to Elizabeth and Phillip that they want to get married. Surprisingly the initial reveal goes down a lot smoother, although it does come across a little awkward for all parties involved. Of course, Elizabeth would have to get advice for a final decision, and we know early on that the paper might publish an article about it, so things weren’t always going to (continue to) go down smoothly.


Despite it all, it was lovely to see how determined Elizabeth was to give Margaret the one thing she wanted most. Even though it can’t last forever, it still feels like Elizabeth is trying her best to do her job as Queen, but also as a sister.

One thing I loved was when Elizabeth and Philip came home after dinner with Margaret and Peter. The way they walked through, talking about what had happened, and the guards were just stood there. It continues as they go through the house. They just talk while going about their routine and everyone else just works around them. The way it was filmed was seamless, but also the way they played off each other just worked so well and was really enjoyable to watch.

One of my favourite things to come out of the whole Maragret and Peter side of the episode was this quote: “Picking fluff off a man’s jacket that’s a gesture as intimate as a kiss, more intimate, since it suggests the kiss has already happened.”

During Elizabeth’s visit I really appreciated the choice to make it look like old black and white footage, and to even make the voiceover sound quite crackly and old too. Her speech later on in the episode was also well shot. The way it was sometimes a voiceover, and the music that that played in the background. The flashes of photos at the start and then how the camera angle changed inside.

I do feel for Peter Townsend and I am happy he wasn’t just going to sit back and let others dictate what happens next and refusing to leave without seeing Margaret first. Right from the start it was clear that things were never going to end as happily as they started in the episode. It’s just a shame that several relationships had to suffer.

Some last minute things that were also appreciated:

  • How Margaret’s umbrella was the only one that wasn’t black and how it became surrounded as she came off the steps of the plane.
  • That last shot of Elizabeth walking away from the camera. For some reason it really made me think about how things are going to change by the time we hit the end of this TV series. A lot of time will pass and it’ll be interesting to see how different things are then.

As always the Crown is entertaining, well filmed, and just a genuine pleasure to watch.

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