This post contains SPOILERS.

This week we’re back to the Zack story line and I couldn’t be happier. The second the “previously on” started playing and we saw scenes involving Zack from episode 1 and episode 6 I couldn’t contain my excitement. I do feel a little disappointed that we still haven’t seen him again, however, it was nice to go back to his story in this episode nonetheless.

Seeing Hodgins’ frustration while working on Zack’s case was actually rather upsetting. I kept thinking back to old seasons where we would see the two of them together, and it really made this episode all the more powerful. You can also see the frustration and high emotions in other characters too with this case being so close to home, but it was nice that it was mostly from Hodgins’, especially after the last batch of evidence he gathered had to be thrown out/dismissed.

Gordon Wyatt is back. It was great to see him again! I forgot how much fun he was to have around. The fact that he made himself at home made me laugh so much. It looked so cosy and I loved the little focus on bobblehead Bobby, something I’m glad is still a feature of the show. He made watching the footage of the car crash even more entertaining because it’s clear he’s not used to that sort of thing, and he reacted how I assume a lot of people would. In fact, his interactions with everyone were fun, but also incredibly insightful, especially when it came to Brennan’s grief and Zack’s case.

Angela helping them to go through the evidence was different and just as amusing as you would expect it to be. One of my favourite things is that Angela has been working there for a long time, but isn’t used to all the gross stuff.

This weeks intern was Rodolfo Fuentes. Seeing that he was now qualified was a nice thing, but also a reminder of how far things have come since we first met the interns. The fact that he mentions about moving on was also another hit about how everything is coming to a close. Although, it was fun and lovely to see him interact with Cam. The way he insisted that he was definitely still coming to Cam and Arastoo’s wedding because they’re family (and also because he likes to party).

The return of Buck and Wanda! Two of the most ridiculous, but best characters, to come out of Bones. It’s always a real treat when we see them, and this episode was not a disappointment. It was great to see that not only did give a bit of humour to the episode, but it also served to help Brennan with her grief, even if just a little.

The fact that Aubrey being undercover involved food is something I greatly appreciate.

That ending with the body! I’m so excited to see where Zack’s story goes from here. Hopefully he can finally get out and be free, just like he should have been. Every week I’m reminded that we’re one step closer to the end. I don’t know if this season has been a favourite, I definitely think there has been better seasons before, but for the most part I have enjoyed this one so far and I appreciate that we’re seeing a lot of popular characters at least once, and that the usual sense of family is very strong this season.

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