This post contains SPOILERS.

When Maggie appeared on screen I found myself smiling along with her. we haven’t seen Maggie since episode 9 and it really hit me how long ago that was when we saw the “previously on” and that opening shot of her. The bit with Enid and Maggie seeing the scan of her baby really made me happy. In fact, all of their scenes in that little opening montage did. They’re clearly like a little family and I love the fact that they have each other to lean on.

the walking dead 7x14.png

It was also nice to see Sasha and Jesus. The former we know is going to go with Rosita to take out Negan, and having that knowledge made her scenes of training and planning more powerful. The way we see Jesus sitting with Maggie on the log while she writes in the notebook, and then later we see him in the background scribbling something while she sleeps. There was this moment I appreciated, when he looks up and realises that she’s dosed off, but it was even sweeter when you realise Sasha and Enid had been there the whole time as well. I love this little group a lot and I really want to see more of them in the future.

I have to admit the montage was a little lengthy and the music did bug me slightly, but overall it was pleasant to watch. At least until it changes and we’re faced with Gregory, drinking. I don’t like him, and although that’s probably the point, there are characters in this show that I love to hate, and Gregory isn’t even one of those.

We are, however, shown during his scene that this is when Rosita arrives to talk to Sasha about killing Negan. The Walking Dead have done a lot of jumping around the timeline this season, but they also give indicators of when an episode is set in correlation with the others, which makes it a lot easier to watch even if it is a little unsettling.

The little conversation between Maggie and Jesus was great because it gave us some insight into not only how close they are, but Jesus and his life, in such a small and simple way. If you don’t know, Jesus is gay in the comics, and from this conversation with Maggie it seems like the show is definitely going down that route as well. People on the show, including Tom Payne who plays him, have spoken about this in the past, but now this is more canon confirmation and it’s wonderful!

The fact that Sasha said the Hill Top has to be ready for what happens once she and Rostia go after Negan really frustrates me and actually made me think more about the selfish side to Sasha and Rosita’s plans. I love the fact that they want to go in all guns blazing and kill Negan, I’d love to see it! But as they’ve pointed out whether they kill Negan or not there’s going to be backlash. We know Hill Top and the other communities aren’t ready to fight Negan yet, and by going after him, whether they’re successful or not, Sasha and Rosita are just going to bring the fight on earlier, dooming a lot of innocent people including their friends. Again, I get why they want to do it and I do want to see them kick some ass and get rid of Negan, but I can only see the negative side to this.

Speaking of Negan, the Saviors turning up at Hill Top was a lot more intense than I expected it to be. Enid trying to distract one of the Saviors with the basket of vegetables was one of my favourite moments. It was a shame she lost her dagger and it her plan didn’t quite succeed, but it was still a great little moment.

The way the scene was shot of Daryl and Maggie in the basement with the savior was well done, but wasn’t half as intense as the music made it out to be. Although, I did appreciate Maggie recognising Enid’s dagger.

The conversation between the two of them afterward was nice and needed but I, like most people, are growing tired of Daryl getting the same story line over and over again. Someone he knows (and he doesn’t even have to be that close to them) dies, he feels guilty about it, there’s some speech or moment in which Daryl gets clarity on the whole thing, it gives him the strength to go on, and he in some way redeems himself and usually leads him onto being a big part of something important. It’s beyond repetitive at this point, and the same has happened here.

Either way, moving back to the Saviors, I didn’t even think about the fact that Negan would go looking for another doctor. It was only when they said that Carson was to move to the Saviors camp. It also added a lot more power to the whole situation when you found out the doctor at the Savior’s camp, Emmett, was Carson’s brother. A little bit of information that didn’t click with me beforehand despite knowing both their names.

Seeing everyone watch as Carson was taken away shows how close the Hill Top community is, and seeing how Gregory looked at the ground a lot and tried to avoid eye contact showed how much of an outsider he really is and how he is aware that no one else is even remotely okay with Carson being taken (whereas he seems okay with it, and if he’s not, it’s for his own selfish reasons). I do really appreciate and love the fact that Jesus is becoming more and more done with Greogry with each episode we see them in.

It was a bit strange going from seeing that to a more fast-paced scene with Rostia and Sasha. I was surprised to see, after that scene, that they were holed up in the abandoned buildings nearby. After their earlier conversation, I did half expect Rosita to sneak in with or without Sasha, but it was nice that that wasn’t the case. Seeing the way their interactions changed was a great progression. It was actually really wonderful to see them having a proper conversation towards the end. I appreciate that them being distant from each other seems to be over now. I don’t expect them to be best friends or anything, but it’s much better to see them actually talking and getting along.

I was genuinely shocked when Sasha went inside in replace of Rosita. I wonder how things are going to go for Sasha, we’re almost at the end of the season, and with the episodes jumping around between communities, anything could happen. And after that ending where we see the silhouette where things are going to go from there. Quickly on that silhouette, I immediately thought Daryl because of the crossbow, however, he did ask Jesus where they were, so it could easily be him instead. Or perhaps both of them are there, it’ll be interesting to see.

One final thing, I wonder what’s going on with Eugene since we last saw him. Hearing him talk over the walkie was a little unsettling, but that, mixed with the glimpse we caught of him up close near the end, made me want to see him properly again.

We’re almost at the end and at this point I’m trying not to think too much about how things might go down, and just enjoy the episodes.

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