This post contains SPOILERS.

Admittedly, going into this episode I’d seen some people’s reactions floating around. Some didn’t seem impressed, and out of those, I know a few weren’t particularly happy with where Wendell’s story line went. Going in I was concerned that I too wouldn’t enjoy this episode quite as much as I’ve been enjoying this season, but luckily that wasn’t the case, at least not entirely.

I would by no means say this is the best season, but it is still very good. I would perhaps say that this episode was the weakest of the season so far, but it’s definitely not terrible. Although I’m saddened by the fact that Wendell is contemplating what he’s doing and the season/series as a whole seems to be ending with him not doing his dissertation, I’m happy with how they went about it.

I appreciate that the show explored the idea that sometimes it’s not all about what you should do. Realistically Wendell should do is dissertation and complete what he set out to do and become fully qualified like everyone else, however, it’s not what he wants to do. Brennan seemed upset at the idea of losing such a good intern, and over the idea that the field of anthropology wouldn’t have someone like Wendell, but she seemed incredibly supportive over him possibly leaving and doing something else if that would make him happier.

The fact that this idea of life being too short and you shouldn’t waste the chance you have doing something that you’re not really passionate about was filtered throughout the episode, and then explicitly said at the end, really made me happy and turned the whole episode around for me. I thought I was going to be solely disappointed in Wendell’s story, but really I’m not. Hopefully, we get to see what he decides to do before the end of the season.

The idea of passion is also brought in by two other people. The first is Brennan who mentions she wrote five dissertations because she’s that passionate about what she does and she couldn’t just pick one (I wish I was that passionate about something). The second is Betty White’s character Dr Beth Mayer who speaks about the fact that she’s lost her passion for what she does, so she’s trying something else. The fact that she’s choosing to do this so late in life just adds to the message that life is too short and you shouldn’t waste your time doing something that you’re not passionate about.

Of course, this isn’t so easy for everyone. Sometimes people don’t have the luxury of just stopping what they’re doing so they can follow their dreams (or go searching for a new one), but Bones as a show has never shied away from that. We’ve seen countless times where characters have had to do things they don’t enjoy just to make ends meet, but with the show ending it would be nice to see them all in a place that makes them genuinely happy.

That, I would say, was the biggest thing happening this episode. The case fell a little flat for me, I really wasn’t that interested this time around, however, it did set up Aubrey’s story line. During this episode, we got to see him take control during interrogations and other such things. The news that he was being promoted to a position in L.A. was wonderful to hear especially because it’s the end of the series, so we won’t actually have to miss him, but it also adds to this idea that the characters are most likely going to go off and do their own thing and end up in different places.

Like I said, this episode wasn’t the best of the series, but it was still enjoyable. For us here in the UK there are two more episodes left, and quite frankly, I’m not ready.

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