So we’ve reached the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s season 7. It’s crazy to think that there’s only one more episode after this, but at least we know we’re getting a season 8 already so no matter how this season ends there’s no fear of being left on any sort of cliffhanger forever.

This season has been shockingly good. It’s definitely not the best but considering the let down that season 6 and even most of season 5 was, this season felt like a breath of fresh air.

the walking dead 7x15

Tara having a voiceover at the beginning of the episode made me really happy. I had heard beforehand that shew as quite important to this episode so having it start with her was all the more thrilling (also because she’s one of my favourite characters). Also, I know she’s leading the group because she knows where she’s going, but it was still really exciting to see her leading the group nonetheless and taking some charge during their mission to take the weapons and perhaps convince Oceanside to join them.

The way Maggie is taking her time to personally help with things at Hill Top is even more beautiful because Gregory is right there and he clearly does next to nothing to help. It was really great when that guy called her “Boss Lady” and showed that he clearly has a lot of respect for her, and that moment was magnified even more when Maggie showed she had faith in the fact that he could manage without her in his task. Also, as much as Maggie hates Gregory she clearly wants to just live in peace and make the most of the situation for everyone.

That was a shocking about of screen time for Eric. I remember for a long time he would just sort of be there. You would see him but he wouldn’t have very many lines. It makes me worry for his fate, but also makes me happy that he’s getting a bit more attention.

“And being with you, well, it makes abject terror tolerable.”

The worst thing about Negan is just like everyone else he has his limits, things he won’t do, things he won’t tolerate others doing. He may be the most horrible person the group has come up against, but the fact that he does have limits makes it so much worse because it makes him human. It’s easy enough to hide behind the fact that a person wouldn’t be that into beating someone to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but then he has these moments and it makes you stop and think ‘wow, he really is just a man’ and sometimes it does the same for the characters. Luckily, they’ve gone through too much bad stuff because of him that it won’t cloud their judgment when it comes to taking him out, but you can see how it could make someone falter. Also, the fact that he has some kind of morals makes it more disturbing that he’s still capable of doing horrific things.

The whole scene between him and Sasha was pretty interesting. I want Negan to be taken out at some point but he’s also so compelling when he’s on screen. I enjoyed the fact that he seemed to have some genuine respect for Sasha and didn’t seem to be playing with her when it came to talking about how she could help him run the Saviors. However, I appreciate and enjoy the fact that Sasha hardly said anything a lot more. It was clear she hadn’t changed her mind, she still wants to take him out. It was also no surprise when his thoughts on how she could help him would change and adapt once he found out what Rick and that were up to.

I don’t know what to think of Eugene. He’s definitely a person who will make the most of a situation and do what he can to ensure he survives, but this time it’s really off putting. The fact that he’s all too willing to stay with the Saviors is just wrong, but I do appreciate that through him speaking to Sasha we got a pretty deep insight as to why he chose to comply with them.

Every time Greogry’s on screen I wish he wasn’t, but hey, characters change all the time so maybe I’ll end up liking him at some point. It’s a pretty slim possibility though. Especially considering he was clearly going to try and take out Maggie. I’ll give him some credit, he did try and take out that Walker and it was a little funny when he failed. However, from what we see later he seems to be getting ready to go do something. Hopefully it’s not something stupid.

Tara raising her gun and saying that little “hi” was the greatest thing and I’m so happy I got to witness it. I love the way she spoke to Natania and Cyndie and how she still clearly wanted the route that caused the least amount of pain and was good for everyone. I do love that at the end of the episode she came to the conclusion that she didn’t have to feel bad because she, like the rest of the group, believe they’re doing this for the sake of everyone.

Seeing the group and Oceanside work together was fantastic because it’s a glimpse of what could be to come. Also, seeing little Rachel kick some Walker ass was the greatest.

Some other things I appreciated:

  • After Cyndie knocked out Natania you see Enid and she’s shaking. This adds to the discussion that she had with Carl earlier in the episode about whether or not he thinks about the people he killed. It’ll be interesting to see how the war changes all of them, but particularly her.
  • Tara thanking Cyndie several times for saving her several times, and Cyndie thanking her back.
  • Tara giving Rachel the middle finger again.
  • Dwight showing up was actually really unexpected, but the fact that he wants to help does seem genuine and fits with what we’ve seen so far. It’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the table.

Overall this episode was actually pretty good. It did feel a little disjointed but nonetheless it was easy to watch and didn’t drag at all.

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