This post contains SPOILERS.

Part of me can’t believe that another season of the Walking Dead is over. There’s some relief with this ending because we know we’re getting a season 8. I really do think that season 8 could be a final one. I don’t really expect it to be, but I hope it’s considered because it would make a fantastic ending. Negan is probably the worst they’ve ever faced and we’ve got popular characters from the comics like King Ezekiel. Season 8 would be plenty of time to have this war against Negan (and most likely defeat him), introduce any other characters, and even plots, that they want to explore, and still have time to wrap up the whole show.

the walking dead 7x16

With Maggie’s speech at the end of the of episode it really felt like the beginning of the end, but I am getting a little ahead of myself, so let’s stop talking about season 8 and focus on this finale, which was actually pretty good! It was by no means perfect, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Season 7 has actually been really good. I would say season 1-3 were the best, season 4 was pretty decent too, during season 5 is where it started to go downhill, and season 6, although it had its good moments, wasn’t the best overall. Season 7 got off to a rocky start with its first episode, but it’s managed to maintain itself ever since.

The interjections from Sasha inside the coffin were just right. They were done often enough and at seemingly regular intervals that you had time to get used to it. At first, I didn’t know what to think of it, but the more I saw them the more I enjoyed them. Seeing Abraham again was nice, although admittedly he did feel a little out of character in the way he spoke at first, but for the most part, I’m going to put that down to the fact that we haven’t seen or heard from him since the first episode of the season.

Seeing her so often, plus the flashbacks, and in the manner that we did, it was no surprise that she was the person who was going to die this episode. Whenever there’s a lot of focus on a character it’s either because they’re going to get a lot of development or they’re going to die. With it being the finale it was most likely going to be the latter. I think they built up to her death pretty well. It was emotional while still maintaining that shock they were trying to go for when she came out of the coffin and attacked Negan. There was slight humour there, but it never overpowered the fact that she sacrificed herself to help the group.

The bit at the end where Maggie and Jesus went looking for Sasha is something I appreciate. If anyone was to do it, it definitely should have been them. My heart broke a little when Maggie stopped at the sight of her and got really emotional. I appreciate that the two of them worked together to help take her out.

Tara wanting to kill Dwight also broke my heart. Firstly, I was thankful that they finally had a real moment in which she reacted to losing Denise. We did see a bit of it way back when, but I always felt that there wasn’t enough focus on it. However, it’s incredibly heartbreaking because Tara is the last person you would expect to wish ill on anyone, even Dwight. It goes to show how the world, and their current situation, has changed these characters.

It was so good to see Carol back in action and working with the Kingdom. I didn’t particularly mind her arc recently, but it couldn’t go on forever. She either needed to get involved again or be killed off, and I really didn’t see the latter being an option. I love how she’s working so well with the Kingdom, and although it does seem like the communities are going to blend together a lot more next season, I do hope that Carol spends more time at the Kingdom instead of being off by herself.

Now, let’s break down the start of the war a little:

  • Rick’s face when Eugene said, “I’m Negan.”
  • When the bombs didn’t go off part of me wished they had, because I wanted to see the kind of damage it would have caused. Maybe we’ll see something like that next season.
  • I don’t know why I never considered a community turning on them! Perhaps because Oceanside decided not to fight, so that’s a loss in itself (even if they did get the guns), but I really didn’t see it coming when the Scavengers turned on them, at least not at first. Some of them were acting a little odd, but it didn’t seem too out of character to warrant that much concern, although I was a little weary.
  • Carl starting the war! That moment after seeing Sasha and he just turns at starts firing was so fantastic. I’ve always said I want him to kill Negan, but I’ll take him starting the war for now.
  • The scream from Michonne in the background. I had no fear she was dead, but that moment was powerful and it made finding her alive later much more impactful. When Carl and Rick were by her side you could see how close they had all become over time.
  • Negan removing Carl’s hat so that he could properly beat him Lucile, but then the most iconic scene happened! When Shiva jumped into view and took that guy out I squealed a little. We knew Hilltop might show up because Maggie mentioned going to their aid, and it seemed like the Kingdom were going to war too, but it was a nice surprise to see them show up like they did, and what an entrance!
  • King Ezekiel’s cry that Alexandria will not fall.
  • Just when you think it can’t get better Maggie shows up leading the Hilltop people. It’s incredible to think that she (and Sasha and Jesus) helped to train all of those people in such a short space of time.

From the ending, we know the war is going to be next season so the amount we got to see in the finale was just right. It was like we got a glimpse of what we might see in season 8.

I really appreciated that at the end we got to see the Saviors grouped together ready for war, but also Alexandria, Hill Top, and the Kingdom. I loved that moment where the three leaders: Rick, King Ezekiel, and Maggie were on the platform talking to everyone.

Finishing up the episode with Maggie’s speech to Rick as a voiceover was a beautiful way to end it. I love that they made it all about Glenn and had that final shot of the pocket watch. Like I said at the beginning, it really does feel like the beginning of the end and I really do believe season 8 could wrap up the whole show beautifully.

Some things I’m wondering about season 8:

  • Will the war start the season off? Will it be the primary focus that spreads throughout the whole season or will it just be a small portion?
  • Where is Gregory? Maggie was pretty confident that he might have gone to the Saviors, but what if he’s trying to help? I’m curious to find out more about that seen as we didn’t get any closure.

Those are the main ones really. I’m curious to see what life is going to be like for all of the communities now that this has happened. This episode was definitely one of the better ones and hopefully they’ve got a good plan for season 8.

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