This post contains SPOILERS.

We have finally reached the end of Bones. As someone who has watched the show since it first aired in the UK back in early 2005/2006, it feels strange to think that it will no longer be on. I know there are going to be countless occassions in the near future where I’ll wonder when the next season is going to be on and if there’s any news, only to realise that there’s never going to be another season. It’s going to get some getting used to, but oh boy, this was a fantastic way for the show to go out.

Also, a little fun fact, David Boreanz who plays Seeley Booth direced this episode!

After the literal explosive ending of last week’s episode, it was truly heartbreaking to see the lab completely destroyed like that. The music and fading of clips really did make me want to cry.  When we pick up with Angela, Hodgins, and Booth there are some things I really did appreciate: Hodgins calling for Angela, both of them worrying about the baby, Booth immediately calling for, and searching for, Brennan, and Angela helping Hodgins get in to his chair, but then seemingly letting him navigate his own way because for the most part he can handle himself. In fact, we do see him get around all by himself throughout the entire episode.

Seeing everyone working full force at the FBI was more impactful because of Aubrey’s worry. The little added detail of Caroline showing up and looking after Christine and Hank so that Aubrey could go and investigate was a great little touch.

Moving back to the lab I loved how Booth was shouting “Bones,” Angela was shouting “Brennan,” and Hodings was shouting “Doctor B.” Those are names we’ve all seen them use before in reference to Brennan, in fact, it’s the names they tend to use the most. So to see them shouting them and frantically looking made the scene even better.

Seeing the destruction from the outside was actually really shocking. Maybe it was because that portion of the lab was shut down, but I never really considered how massive the explosion must have been and the effects it would have had on the building as a whole. It made me worry a lot about the other people, sure they got out, but did they get far enough away in time? Seeing Cam and Arastoo helped to put my mind at ease a lot. They looked a little roughed up, but nothing major.

Booth finding Brennan was such a strong moment. He had been so quick and rough to move the rubble and such out of the way, but the second he gets to her he’s soft and gentle. The way he calls her “Temperance” and then reverts back to saying “Bones”, it showed the seriousness of the situation and added much more emotion. Then we get to the moment that made me start to cry. That’s right, tears, even before the credits started rolling.

Seeing Brennan’s obvious fear at the fact that she felt different and couldn’t remember the significance of the words she had written down honestly broke me a little. One of the things Brennan has always taken pride in his her brain. It was clear in that scene that something wasn’t right and because of her lack of remembering, it was most likely to do with her brain. Seeing her so worried, and the others also being concerned, really got to me.

The scene with Brennan and Angela trying to find the baby’s heartbeat was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The former due to Brennan forgetting something else, and there seemingly being no heartbeat, and the latter because of the way they both looked when they finally heard it, and how the camera slowly zoomed out.

I appreciate that they didn’t go too far with Booth trying to find a way out. The scene where Hodgins yells at him and talks him out of using the bomb was the perfect amount. Sometimes those kind of scenes get way too dramatic to the point that you want to roll your eyes, but I could absolutely understand everything going on and see why Booth was acting the way he was.

The little tests they did on Brennan, when she touched the wrong finger there was a fleeting moment where I thought she would chose the right one at the last second, but alas she didn’t. Kudos to Brennan for wanting to jump back into work despite being told the bad news on her injuries. It’s clear this is going to effect her deeply, but she pushes her feelings aside. It’s obvious that this is partly because she wants to remain useful and most likely is trying to deny/not think about what’s happened to her, but also because catching Kovac is more important.

Angela revealing her own version of a black box was so great! I think it’s sometimes easy to forget how smart she really is and having this little moment in the episode was wonderful. It was one of the first scenes that was also funny. The way Hodgins referred to himself as a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” and the way he said “you did listen to me.” followed by Angela’s “don’t let it get to your head.” made me smile at the very least, but even laugh a little.

I really appreciated and loved seeing the interns together! It made the scene really touching when Brennan spoke about a memory she had of each of them, and the fact that she remembers each day they were hired. It was such a powerful moment to see Brennan calmly explain that she does remember things, but she can’t make sense of the evidence, that she doesn’t know what to do with it. It must be so scary and so frustrating for her. There was always going to be heartache in the finale, but having it such a simple way really made it powerful.

Booth’s anger comes and goes and like I said before, it never gets to be too much. I never personally felt annoyed or frustrated, I only understood.

That shot of Brennan arranging the bones on the table was really something. The fact that the main light came from the table and everything around it was destruction created a really beautiful image. It’s all the little moments that really make this episode as important as it was.

Finally seeing Brennan’s frustration come out when she was in the office was really heartbreaking. You don’t have to have watched the show for long to know how much Brennan values her intelligence, how much it means to her. I appreciate that Booth ultimately let her vent, but I also love how he comforted her afterwards. The things he said to her brought back flashes of past episodes and this is the point where I really did start crying. Brennan is the heart of the show, and her relationship with Booth is a big part of it too, so to have him say all of those things, to shine so much importance on her as a person and the effect she’s had on him was just so moving.

I also really love that the person to get aggressively angry to the point of almost hitting Jeannine was Brennan. With everything that’s built up to this: her lab being blown up, her brain injury, losing her father, her kids being in danger, Booth being in danger, etc. it made so much sense for her to get that angry.

The transition the next time we see the interns was fantastic! Throughout the show we’ve seen them under the wing of Brennan. They’ve learnt things from her and have been guided to the end of their internships. Now their time at the lab is coming to a close and this is the first real time we’ve seen them do something solely by themselves. They work so well as a team and it was fantastic to know that part of their motives was their shared love and appreciation for Brennan.

“Squints of the world unite, baby.”

The intimate moment in the car with Booth and Brennan was great, but it really had nothing on the small moment where they kiss and say they love each other. Knowing that they’re going after Kovac together (with help) felt so right.

The showdown with Kovac was just the right amount. It didn’t go on for too long, there was a good amount of destruction, and the fact that they failed initially was more believable. That moment where Brennan remembered enough to help Booth’s hand made me scream a little and clap with joy, just as much as Booth being the one to deliver the kill shot to Kovac.

The change after that was so refreshing. Finding out that Brennan was going to be okay was really nice. Seeing Caroline hugging Booth and checking on him was wonderful. Aubrey saying he was staying in DC and how he really couldn’t imagine moving away made me so happy! I know the show is ending so it doesn’t really matter if he leaves, but knowing he’s going to be sticking around feels so much better. I love how they showed a friendship between Aubrey and Karen, and even hinted at a possibly romantic relationship, without actually going there with it.

When we move to them gathering their things at the lab there were a few things that I really loved to see:

  • Angela finding the plaque of Vincent Nigel-Murray and smiling fondly as she dusted it off.
  • Hodgins finally removing his green elastic band from around his wrist. I will admit that really did strike a chord with me.
  • That picture of Zack and Hodgins at Christmas time. If I’m correct that’s from the Christmas episode in the first season, which also funnily enough, happens to be my favourite episode.
  • Brennan holding the dolphin necklace that belonged to her mother, and the picture of herself with her dad.

The little children’s book that Angela and Hodgins worked on is so adorable! I kind of want one for myself to be honest. The fact that the news of Cam and Arastoo adopting followed that was so fitting. I love that they’re adopting seemingly teenagers and not babies was a really lovely touch too.

Also the news about Hodgins getting the position while Cam’s away! Thank you to the people at Bones for fitting in a final “I’m the king of the lab” moment! It was so funny to see him yelling it and joking around and to see them all laughing. It really warmed my heart and that phrase is something I’ve always loved. I was a little sad to see that Zack couldn’t be there to also revel in that moment too, but it was still one of my favourite scenes from the finale.

I appreciate the references to Parker and Sweets. I love how the episode ended with Booth and Brennan together and walking away. I love that it indicated they were going to the diner where Aubrey and the kids were (but mostly like others too) and that they were going to sit and eat and be together like old times.

There’s a couple of things we don’t know for sure, like what will the lab look like? Will Angela and Hodgins baby be blind or not? Where will the interns end up? Is Zack going to be okay once he’s out? And many, many more, but none of those really matter because we have indications. The lab is most likely going to look the same with some differences, Angela and Hodgins just want their baby to happy and healthy, the interns will always be around (we saw how close they are to people like Brennan) but they’re going to go and live their lives, and Zack is going to be okay because he has such a great support network.

Any unanswered questions really do have answers when you think about it, and if they don’t? Well that leaves enough room for us fans to continue on their stories. It’s a beautiful gift to be given so much freedom to explore the show as fans but still feel content with the ending we got.

This was a beautiful finale and although I’m incredibly sad to see the show end, I’m also extremely proud and satisfied to see it go out like this. I would always highly recommend this show to anyone and that certainly hasn’t changed.

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