This post contains SPOILERS.

Prison Break is finally back on our screens and despite only seeing one episode so far, it’s been a pleasure. I see so many people talking about how over top and a little stupid Prison Break is and honestly, I sort of agree, but the difference is I don’t think it’s a bad thing. The show was definitely at its best back in season 1, but the in its revival the show is just as entertaining and gripping as it has always been.

I loved the opening voiceover from Michael explaining that he had died 7 years ago. The good things about this opening was that it established exactly how long it had been and it showed us Michael in the prison, taking the photo that T-Bag later receives.

I appreciate that we slowly get reintroduced to all of the characters again. The fact that the first was T-Bag was amusing to me. He is, of course, the creepiest of the lot and the one thing I always remember about him is that whenever things seem to be going right for him it suddenly goes very wrong. It’ll be interesting to see if the same thing happens to him during this season. He’s an interesting character and I really do love to watch his scenes, so I’m happy enough that he’s back.

I’m also curious as to why it was him that received the picture of Michael. From the opening we can assume that Michael sent it to him, but why? Prison Break is pretty good at mysteries so I’ll be interested to see where this one goes. As well as that, I want to know who helped T-Bag get his new hand, which by the way, is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see him use it more in the future.

The next person we see is Lincoln. He’s slipped back into his old ways and from pretty early on you can tell how badly he’s taken Michael’s death. When he went to go and see Sara I was surprised to find that they lived away from each other. For some reason, I assumed that they would be in the same area. I did love how they seem to be close and that Lincoln does have some kind of relationship with his nephew Michael Jr.

There was a bit of surprise to see that Sara had remarried (a man called Jacob) although he does seem pretty decent. I was kind of sad when he got shot and really excited that he survived. Plus, he does seem really cool with the idea of Lincoln being in Michael Jr and Sara’s lives. At least he’s not some horrible man who thinks it’s strange and demands Lincoln not be involved, especially in Sara’s life. Although, now with Michael being alive, and having been shot, Jacob might not be so okay with everything. Hopefully, he is, but I do feel sorry for him. I also wonder how the show will end in terms of these relationships. Will Sara and Michael get back together? If that happens will Jacob continue to be a part of Michael Jr’s life? There are so many other questions and I’m curious to see if any of them will be answered and how.

The scene where Lincoln digs up Michael’s coffin was really heartbreaking, especially when he breaks down inside the grave and starts crying. Right from the start Prison Break throws you in the deep end. Not only do we get this emotional scene, but we then get someone trying to kill Lincoln. The whole car scene was so dramatic and a little over the top but I loved it. I did expect Lincoln to be a little more battered and bruised, but I’m willing enough to let that slide.

I loved the scene with the hit woman showing up at Sara’s house. Like I said before I’m glad Jacob didn’t die during this scene. I’m really happy that Sara was the one to get things going. She’s been through this kind of thing before so to have her take charge made a lot of sense. We can also see from the bathroom scene that’s she’s pretty honest with Michael Jr. There was no need for her to tell him that she would drive the metal pole into the person trying to kill them. Maybe that was a weird bit of dialogue on the writer’s behalf, but if it was intentional then it goes to show that she doesn’t always sugarcoat things around Michael Jr, perhaps because she always believed they would never really be safe.

Seeing both C-Note (Benjamin Franklin) and Sucre again was also really wonderful! There are other people from the original 4 seasons coming back, but I’m glad we got to see all of these people in the first episode. The fact that C-Note has seemingly changed his whole life around was wonderful, and although we got to hear about Sucre’s life we didn’t really get too much. He was also left behind in the U.S. so I get the feeling we’ll find out more about him as season 5 progresses. I hope that he’ll catch up with Sara and Michael Jr and his part in helping Michael will be to help them. I also want to know how involved he was in Michael Jr’s life.

C-Note and Lincoln travelling together was a better team up than I thought! Admittedly it’s been a while since I saw the other 4 seasons so I can’t say for sure how I feel about every possible pairing, but it was a delight to see those two share scenes and it worked. I’m definitely compelled to see more of them, although I do want them to start working with the others, yes, even T-Bag, although I feel like he’s off doing his own thing that will eventually crossover.

I’m also really curious about Sheba. Hopefully, we see a lot more of her. I want to know how involved she’s going to get with the story and if she can be trusted or not. It seems like she can be. Hopefully, she’ll believe the truth about Michael and help them, right now she seems to be a little angered that Michael is the person they want to try and help.

Generally, this episode was a pretty good opening to the revival. It was paced well, entertaining from start to finish, and as the episode went on I found myself settling back in pretty nicely. I love how the episode ended with Sara talking to Michael Jr about his father. The storm speech was one of my favourite things about the trailer for this season. Those final moments of seeing Michael with all those new tattoos and Lincoln breaking down when Michael seemingly didn’t know his own name or who is brother was, was such a great place to end the episode. Although, the look Michael gave says something completely different. He knows.

I can’t wait to find out how the show is going to explain him surviving and why it’s taken 7 years for it to be revealed that he’s alive. Right now I don’t have theories, but I’m just willing to sit back and enjoy. Here’s to hoping the rest of the season can follow suit.

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