This post contains SPOILERS.

I love that we opened this episode up with Sheba. Although it seemed in the last episode that she was okay, it was just reassuring to know that she was on the mend. Seeing her determination to keep going and still thinking about what they could do next was great to see. The shared concern between her and Lincoln makes this relationship even more interesting, and the gradual progression from not trusting each other to wanting each other to be safe is heartwarming and believable.

Lincoln’s determination to get Michael out has also escalated. It’s highly amusing that Lincoln is the one to just walk straight into the prison when anarchy starts, whereas Michael spends months, at the very least, planning. Sheba’s dad offering to help as a thank you was great, but I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get any more Sheba for the rest of the episode. Hopefully, that will be made up for later.

When things do go into anarchy that’s, of course, when things start happening all at once. We see Lincoln run into problems with finding keys to the prison. I love that the local kid got to be part of that plan. I hope it’s not the last we see of him, but it might very well be. While all this is going on we have Michael and co trying to escape from their cells. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when he had Ramal get the spoon and string from the cell. It was really fascinating to just sit back and see it unfold, even more so because you had the angry prisoners outside trying to get in and kill them which made it a little more intense. I will say, I was a little disappointed that that guard wasn’t more involved with Michael and his plans.

Out in the street, I screamed a little when Ja opened up the note that Michael had slipped him. It just further proves that Michael doesn’t just use people and drop them. That if he cares about you, he’ll stick by you. In the old series when it came to dropping people like T-Bag and leaving them behind, it was clear that it was because Michael didn’t think much of them anyway and didn’t consider them friends. Every time it’s proven that Michael genuinely cares about people and wouldn’t just sacrifice them for his own cause, I smile and feel genuine happiness.

Whip is by far my favourite out of the new characters and we really got to see him shine this episode. Not only was he funny, but we saw his skill when they were surrounded in the street. The way he took down Ramal was honestly a little shocking, mostly because I really didn’t expect him to have that kind of skill, I half expected him to be bluffing. It was also funny, and sort of lovely, when Michael was telling Ramal to back down because he knew that Whip could do it. The scene was already intense because they were surrounded and then Lincoln shows up and starts pointing a machine gun at Ramal. It was all happening at once so to see Whip take control for a moment was fantastic, more of that, please.

The other big thing to happen was T-Bag. Admittedly, I am a little sad to see Kellerman be killed off, but if anyone had to go, he would be my first choice. When it was revealed that Jacob was Poseidon I screamed a little. I was rooting for him! It wasn’t really that much of a surprise honestly. Now that it’s been revealed it is definitely one of the most logical choices, but I really just wanted him to be a decent guy. I’m curious to see how Sara handles it in the next episode.

Now that we’re around the halfway mark I feel pretty confident that it’s going to end well. So far everything has progressed quite nicely and it seems like we’re heading towards the end at a reasonable pace. Hopefully, the season keeps it up and that all the revelations, and conclusions, to come are satisfying.

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