This post contains SPOILERS.

We’re finally back with a new episode of Lucifer after the hiatus! If you didn’t hear, this season will now only have 18 episodes so we’re pretty close to the end. (The four that were cut will serve as the first 4 episodes of season 3). Everyone involved seems happy with the decision so it’ll be interesting to see how this season ends.

lucifer 2x14 lucifer morningstar chloe decker

Early on in the episode, we find out that two weeks have passed in the episode and Lucifer has been gone the entire time. We see that Chloe and Dan are seemingly back to being partners now that she hasn’t got Lucifer, but the more interesting part about this scene is that Amenadiel is watching over Chloe. It wasn’t a surprise, but just a lovely addition to have him still watching over her. When I saw that I thought back to everything he did to help keep her alive and how he spoke to Trixie. Although he said he did it because Lucifer asked him to, I wonder if he also did it partly because he also cares about Chloe and for Trixie.

When Lucifer did finally show up I was curious to see how Chloe would react, and I really loved how it went down. I appreciate that she was seemingly in shock that he just showed up out of the blue and was concerned for him more than anything, that she was afraid something might have happened to him and was relieved to see that he was okay, but how all of that was followed by her getting angry and lashing out because he was acting like nothing had happened and because she was genuinely hurt by him leaving like that.

It’s also around this time that we meet Candy Morningstar who is by far one of the best characters to be introduced to this show. With the way things ended, there’s still a chance for her to come back at a later date and I would really appreciate it if she did. She’s such an interesting character and it was so unbelievably easy to fall completely in love with her.

I appreciate the way that the writers handled Candy as a character. With the reveal at the end, we can assume that the real Candy played it on thick, knowing it would elicit a faster and stronger response from those around her. Plus, we can excuse the behaviour of those like Chloe and Charlotte, who treat Candy likes she’s stupid in places and someone who should be looked down, purely because their feelings are in the way. Chloe was close to Lucifer, they were slowly becoming a real couple, and then he left without a word and came back with this random woman he just met and was suddenly married to. Then we have Charlotte who has always been a little overprotective and judgemental.

Dan never treats Candy differently, in fact he tells her she did a good job on noticing the suspect at the crime scene, Mazikeen is seemingly impressed and really just amused by the whole thing, and Linda just seemed a little stunned that Lucifer has moved on after everything that has happened and is just concerned that this might him lashing out. It seems that everyone’s reactions would be the same, or similar, even if Candy was a completely different person.

Part of me wishes that they had kept Candy the same (fashion sense, personality, looks, etc) but a little less to show in the end that it was just an act. That could have worked too. There’s something to bubbly and warm about Candy. Right now we don’t really know what the real Candy is truly like. She seems like a really good person and maybe she’ll still be the same bubbly and warm person. This is another reason why we need her to come back.

At the end Candy mentions that she understands why she has to con his family but doesn’t understand what’s going on with Chloe. From the look on Lucifer’s face, it confirms that he’s still very much in love with Chloe. We also know this from his conversation with Amenadiel where he talks about Chloe not having a choice in falling for him, so now he’s given her one, the choice to step away. The talk with Candy at the end suggests that although Lucifer believes that his and Chloe’s feelings for each other were God’s ploy, that he might be slowly realising that he doesn’t care, and although they were destined to meet and put in each other’s path, perhaps they could still be together and it could still be genuine. It depends on how much more we find out about Chloe and God’s overall plans.

hey are definitely going to continue to be in each other’s lives. This episode just proved that. We do see that Chloe is a little less trusting of Lucifer now and genuinely believes that he doesn’t care, however, that changes by the end of the episode. We see that she slowly learns to believe that he does care and that eventually, she will be able to trust him the way she did before. We also see the way she finally accepts him moving on with someone else when Candy shows up at the crime scene and shows genuine concern for Lucifer’s life. When she embraces him we see Chloe’s expression, one that says she’s still upset to have lost Lucifer, but she can see that there’s something real between Lucifer and Candy.

And I don’t really think that’s false either. Even though we know that Candy was only playing a part, from that final scene we do see that there is some genuine love, and respect, between her and Lucifer.

Some other things to appreciate:

  • Lucifer singing a 90s jam to Chloe to prove that they need each other and that he cares. As well as that, Chloe’s reaction. The way she tries not to smile and covers her mouth.
  • Ella. She’s always a fantastic addition to the show. I love how much of a supporter she is of Chloe and Lucifer too.
  • Linda’s therapy session with Lucifer and Candy.
  • Candy and Charlotte’s shopping trip.
  • Chloe dressing up as Candy.
  • Dan choosing to give Lucifer a chance to prove himself because he too had messed up in the past and knew what it was like.
  • Mazikeen saying she knows Lucifer better than anybody and generally just knowing what’s up.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode back. There wasn’t too much going on, it seems to have helped to blend what came before with what we can expect for the rest of the season. It definitely helped to ease us back into the show. It had everything you can expect and love about the show. I’ll be interested to see where the show goes from here.

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