This post contains SPOILERS.

So this episode we start off with T-Bag showing Sara what he’s found out. Admittedly, I felt a little let down with the lack of T-Bag for the rest of this episode. In this scene, we see that he’s still injured and he does seem genuinely sorry for Sara. It would have been really interesting to see where that went and to have him help her out. Although I am glad that Sara had help and wasn’t completely alone in trying to figure out just how involved Jacob was, I find myself wondering where T-Bag is and if he’s okay.

I love that with Sara’s storyline they made us, the audience, question whether or not Jacob really was someone to fear. His story at the end about setting up A&W and Van Gogh is plausible, but at this point in the season, it seems very unlikely that anyone else would be Poseidon. With a reveal like this, I doubt they’ll turn around and say “actually, no, Jacob isn’t Poseidon,” but this is Prison Break, so I guess anything could happen. From the look on Sara’s face when they hug it seems like she doesn’t really believe his story either, at the very least she’s suspicious that there’s still something not quite right.

Sara is one of my favourite characters from the series and it really does feel like she hasn’t had enough screen time so far this season, so hopefully, with this new found information and doubt in Jacob, it will give her more to do and bring her more screen time. We haven’t seen Sucre for a while either, so giving her more to deal with could require her to get people like Sucre and T-Bag onboard to help her with finding answers and also keeping Mike safe.

Back in Yemen, Michael and co are still trying to escape the country. Of course, Michael and Lincoln bump heads more than once, and although it did feel a little expositional, I’m glad we finally got some straightforward and coherent answers as to why Michael did what he did. It’s interesting that they chose to have it so that the CIA stuff happened during the previous seasons, therefore integrating it into the overall show a lot more.

Once again it was great to see them have to think on their feet, but it was even better when you saw it all get to Michael a bit. When he said he had to be the man with the plan, he was obviously frustrated and worked up. In some ways, it’s always nice to see Michael struggle, to be reminded that he too has his limits.

The worst part of their whole escape plan was losing Sid. For a moment I thought, despite being injured, he would still get away with them, but no. At this point in the season, with only 9 episodes in total, it’s no surprise that people are dying. We had Kellerman in the last episode, and now Sid. I still don’t think the latter should have died though. I did, however, appreciate the little moments between Sid and Whip. The way the latter said that it didn’t matter if Sid was gay or not, and then when Sid died Whip was really close to him and gently closed his eyes. He has shown signs of caring in the past (when they tried to hang Sid for example), but it would have been nice to see a little more of that relationship.

The most amazing part of the escape is when Ja started singing Queen at the top of his lungs and blew up the people following them. It was the most random, but most badass moment of the episode. It was clear he was going to do something because you saw him collect the appropriate materials, but the whole thing was just fantastic to see unfold.

Elsewhere in Yemen, we have C-Note and Sheba at the airport and they’re running out of time. I loved how they saved the pilot and convinced him to fly a plane for them. From things I’d seen on the internet before watching the episode, I thought they left without speaking to Michael and co, but it turns out that C-Note did everything he could to keep the plane on the ground until they there. Also from things I’d seen online, it looked like they’d reached the airport just as the plane took off, but it was worse in the show to see that those on the plane were aware Michael and co were there but couldn’t stick around.

The fact that the plane seemed to get away though, might ensure some help comes. It seems like all of these stories are going to start blending together a lot more. With only 4 more episodes, we can’t keep having the episode half in Yemen, half in the States. It’s most likely going to blend together at some point, and with C-Note finally out of Yemen, he might go back to the States and help on that end, eventually bringing both sides of the story together. Like always, I really don’t like to guess too much with this show, because whether the results are obvious or not, it’s usually entertaining to see unfold and generally satisfying in the end. Both sides of the story coming together could even be left to the very last episode. We’ll have to wait and see.

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