This post contains SPOILERS.

This week’s episode of Lucifer focuses a lot more on the journey to get back to Heaven. From episode 14 we know that Lucifer doesn’t trust what Charlotte is selling and this week we find out that he wants to put her back in Heaven and shut the gates, leaving her and God to most likely destroy each other.


lucifer 2x15 amenadiel lucifer morningstar.png
‘Lucifer’ [Credit: Fox]

Thankfully this week they cut to the chase and simply had Lucifer break down the nearest wall and retrieve Azrael’s Blade which we now know is also the Flaming Sword. The could have very easily have spent the whole episode looking for it, but instead, By spending most of the episode focusing on how to get it work it meant the other things going on in the episode were able to connect, allowing the entire episode to really be about Lucifer, Azrael’s Blade, and the plan to get back to Heaven.

The case of the week had Lucifer constantly trying to figure out his emotions and how to control them so he could get the blade to work. Also through that, he was able to spend time with Trixie and be close to Chloe. Considering the blade did ignite at the end but didn’t stay lit, perhaps continuing to stay close to Chloe (and perhaps getting even closer) could be the thing that ignites the blade and keeps it so. His sessions with Linda were focused around the same issue.

That’s not to say those things weren’t interesting. The case of the week was nothing amazing, but it was nice to see as much of Trixie as we did and to see that connection between her and Chloe again. Trixie is arguably one of the best characters on the show and every scene she’s in is always entertaining. It was also great to really see her feelings on Chloe almost dying. It really feels like we haven’t seen Trixie for a long time, so it was nice to have such a powerful comeback.

Also, with the case of the week we got a great dynamic between Chloe and Maze. It was great to see that they really are friends and that Maze chose to show up and help without Chloe having to ask. With Linda, her constant interest and amazement at all things divine really make for some entertaining scenes, even when they’re not very long, so you never feel disappointed.

Back with the plans to get into Heaven, there are a couple of interesting revelations that come from this. We first get to see Amenadiel’s desire to go home change slightly. There’s a scene in which we see he feels forgotten and useless in the grand scheme of things, and then later when the blade ignites, he seems over the moon until he notices the pain on Lucifer’s face. The moments that follow show him defending Lucifer to their mother and siding with the idea that there’s no rush. He even tries to reassure Lucifer by agreeing that it’s something wrong with the blade (and not Lucifer) giving us another, rare, an example of that brotherly connection and genuine care between them.

The other interesting reveal is that Charlotte’s body seems to be tearing apart and she’s running out of time. We seem to discover lore in Lucifer as it goes, so we really have no clear indication of how things will go if her body were to fall apart before they got back to Heaven. Would she be cast back to Hell? Will she be flung into another body?

Right now it seems that if Heaven is an option, we’ll see them enter it at the very end of the season, and season 3 will start with them coming back. It partly depends on their vision of Heaven and how much of a budget they have to work with. There’s no way to say for sure and with Lucifer being the show that always delivers good content each week, I don’t find myself demanding answers of any kind, I’m willing to just sit back and enjoy.

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