This post contains SPOILERS.

This week we continue the journey of Michael, Lincoln, Whip, and Ja trying to escape. It was no surprise that their first plan didn’t go the way they hoped considering they never do in this show. The second they tried to team up with Omar you just knew that things were going to go wrong.

However, they did manage to pull the situation around surprisingly well. It was pleasant to once again see Whip take action. Since he killed Ramal I’ve been wanting to see him do more. We got a surprising amount of focus on both him and Ja this episode, which was nice. They’re both interesting characters that bring something different to the table. With Ja’s over the top performance of Queen as a distraction in the last episode, he’s definitely bumped up on the list of how much I like him.

We get to see Whip use his skills again at the gas station. The moment where he couldn’t understand why someone would carry a gun with only one bullet, and later Lincoln voices the same thing, was a nice little addition, especially when we get to see him use that one bullet to take out multiple people.

Similarly, with Ja we get to see him contribute a little when he notices the birds and the fact that they hang around water. It was also heartwarming to see him with the kids when they reach Phaeacia. The way that one kid held his hand when he got out of the car and how he spent time setting up the fireworks with them was really lovely. It was just nice to see him smiling and we can also assume that he hasn’t taken any more drugs at this point, so it was even better to see him look so carefree and at ease without being high.

During the lead up to them reaching Phaeacia we have Michael going off on his own. The second the truck disappeared out of site you knew it was a setup, however, it was still satisfying to see Michael clinging to the back of Cyclops’ car. During that fight, we see Michael get the upper hand, for a moment I wondered if he was just going to leave Cyclops there, blind and with (seemingly) no way of getting anywhere. However, I can’t say I was completely shocked by (or even disappointed by) the choice that Michael made.

Despite him getting away injured, we can safely say he’s going to survive, because what would be the point in bringing him back from the dead just to kill him again at this point? Maybe if this was the finale or the penultimate episode, but with the stage we’re at there’s nothing to worry about. When the flashes of Sara and other past memories came flooding onto the screen it made me

When the flashes of Sara and other past memories came flooding onto the screen it made me realise how much I’d missed seeing Sara in this episode, but also how much I’ve missed Sucre. According to the description, we’ll see him again episode 7 which would be fantastic! Especially considering we haven’t seen him since that first episode.

Besides their journey, we also see a shocking amount of A&W and Van Gogh. I don’t know if it’s enough for me to care about them as characters, but it does feel like perhaps they’re building up to something big where they want more of the audience to have already connected with them. They’re interesting characters nonetheless, but we did get some tiny insight into A&W personal life/history. I really thought these two might continue to be smaller characters who pop up only when they’re needed to push the plot forward, but we might actually get more out of them before this season is over.

Generally, I just have a couple of questions after that episode: 1) Why did Michael send the photo he did? and 2) Now that we’ve seen who is replacing Kellerman, and the fact that he contacted A&W, how much does he really know and how far do the conspiracies go?

Although this episode did feel like a filler, it was still interesting to watch. Prison Break always has the fact that it’s continuously entertaining and has great characters that you love to follow even when there’s not much happening at all on its side. I do hope it picks up again though because now we only have 3 episodes left.

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