This post contains SPOILERS.

So we start the episode with Lucifer on a gurney and talking about how he’s not the Devil and he made it all up. It’s no surprise that it then switches to a different scene (Linda’s office) and the words “36 Hours Earlier…” appear on screen but you spend that initial opening thinking (or maybe saying out loud) “what is happening?” Now we’ve seen Lucifer as the Devil so really there’s no way he’s right in saying he’s not and it’s all made up, but it’s such a bizarre situation to be in. Even if you know from the synopsis that this episode takes place in an insane asylum, it still supplies no real explanation to what is going on. At this point, it just adds to the absurdity of the show, which I think is one of it’s best qualities.


lucifer 2x16 lucifer morningstar linda martin
‘Lucifer’ [Credit: Fox]

In this therapy sessions we see Lucifer once again seemingly be able to read the room, but either completely misses the point or decides there’s nothing he can or should do. He simply gives Linda a look which suggests he knows something is off and then automatically gets up to leave. Either way, the conversation between the two of them is interesting and it’s nice to get a human’s view on Lucifer’s plan to lock Charlotte and God in Heaven together.

Linda: God and His ex having a fight to the death? Sounds kind of bad for, you know, humanity.

Lucifer: Oh, you’ll probably be fine.

Linda: Probably? That’s not exactly reassuring.

I love Linda and her reactions to all things divine. It’s finally nice to have a human’s opinion on everything that happens. This episode also serves as one of the best when it comes to Linda interacting with and reacting to anything divine.

In this conversation, we find out that Maze doesn’t know anything about the plan to go to Heaven or to lock Charlotte in with God, but that’s really not surprising when you think about it. We would have seen it if she had found out, or at least heard about it. It doesn’t seem like the kind of mistake the writers would have made to completely forget to let the audience know that Maze is in on it (unless it’s something they deliberately have to keep us out of the loop for), so Maze not knowing at this point is not an issue, although it does come up later in the episode.

Speaking of Maze, I love that she’s latched on to Chloe. That first scene of Chloe trying to sneak down the stairs and peering around the corner really did make me laugh. Maze was really adorable when she tried to cook Chloe breakfast but burnt the toast instead. You have to applaud her, she never gives up. The second she realises that she’s not good at “the whole boring domestic thing” she doesn’t dwell on it and decides to focus on a different aspect of their friendship: the social aspect. There are other times where her determination shines through and they’re all equally funny, admirable, and slightly awkward. We also see Chloe’s attempt at trying to get a point across and ultimately failing, but not realising she’s failed.

This all carries over to the crime scene, which we know takes places in an insane asylum where a patient named God Johnson is. Bless Lucifer for not listening to everything Dan said and choosing to talk to God anyway. I do appreciate that we get some kind of indication right away that this really could be God by the way he uses Lucifer’s real name “Samael.” Like Lucifer, we the audience have this question of “is he God or isn’t he?” something that does come up again throughout the episode, but it’s not too long before we’re thrown into the idea that something is definitely going on, whether or not it’s really God is another question.

This prompts Lucifer to talk to Amenadiel and gives us another example of some amazing dialogue.

Amenadiel: Even so, Luci, that’s not the way Dad operates. If He has a problem, He sends an emissary, like me, or maybe a burning bush.

Lucifer: So how does this God Johnson know Samael, hmm? My name.

Amenadiel: Oh, wait, I know.

Lucifer: You do?

Amenadiel: The Internet! It’s truly amazing what you can find online. Have you seen that video with the cat that jumps inside the box?

When we move to the lab I loved the opening shot of Ella, but also how Chloe kept referencing the song One of Us by Joan Osborne. I actually really love that song, so I appreciate that later in the episode we got to hear it. There’s also a running theme, which isn’t new for Lucifer, of people not taking Lucifer seriously when he references being the Devil and/or talking about being the son of God, not only that but they also treat it like a bit of a joke. I can let it slide, honestly, because the show can be a little ridiculous. It’s just very noticeable in this episode seen as we have God Johnson who is a man in an insane asylum saying similar things as Lucifer.

I did love the way he got into the asylum though and his time in there. At first, we’re eased in a little with him playing pretend poker and having underwear thrown in his face, but then we’re all in. It was interesting to see God Johnson heal that woman, because it’s the first time where we really pushed towards the idea that this could actually be God. Although I did question whether it was God or some other kind of being.

A brief pause to appreciate Lucifer’s drawing.

Also, the Doctor trying to flirt with Chloe. Then Maze and Chloe talking about him on the phone afterward.

Maze: We should invite him on the booze cruise.

Chloe: What booze cruise?

Maze: Tonight. I had a friend set up a yacht. You know, it’ll be like a hip-hop video.
You said you wanted to expand our circle of friends.

Chloe: That’s not what I meant at all.

Maze: Oh. You want to ride solo with Dr. McHotty. I can get behind that. Or on top, dealer’s choice. I’m kidding.

I have actually missed Lucifer’s flashing red eyes and we got to see them a lot in this episode. It does sometimes get overused, but it felt like the right amount this time. His anger does grow quite a lot over the course of this episode and I’m wondering if over the next two episodes we’ll see his real face again or perhaps something we’ve never seen before. All that anger has to come out somehow, so I’m curious to see how exactly that happens.

Linda meeting God is by far the best thing to ever happened. The way she said she should have bowed or perhaps curtsied, and then later actually does the latter. I loved her conversations with Lucifer as he wheeled her along. It was really funny that when he came to a conclusion he let go of the wheelchair and there was this sudden “oh” realisation from Linda as she slowly rolled away from him.

This brings us onto the most unnecessary but epic slow motion shot. I was partly laughing, but also completely amazed as Lucifer and God Johnson walked through the asylum while chaos sprung out around them. The way God Johnson warmed his hand against the fire when they passed and how they both ducked out of the way of flying underwear. Also, the build up to all of that was really great.

Lucifer: I know desserts aren’t the only thing that tickle your fancy, are they? Hmm?

Pete: I do want to watch it all burn.

Lucifer: Right. Then fire away. Oh Go, go, go, go, go. Right.

Debbie: I want to turn the lights on… and off.

Lucifer: Good! Go! I love a good rave. Who’s next?

Billy: I want to throw underwear at heads.

Lucifer: Laundry room! Right? Go forth, people. Come on. Liberate yourselves. Play to your strengths.

God Johnson: So this is your big plan for busting us out of here. Encouraging a man to steal underwear?

Lucifer: No, no. That was just for fun.

The whole set up once they’re out with the lights and music for Charlotte had me stunned for a moment. On the one hand, it was visually pleasing, but the music kept making me want to laugh so it was really beautiful when Charlotte kneed God Johnson causing him to collapse to the floor in pain. Although we do get the slow dance and kiss later which was a nice little addition especially when Charlotte talks about how it made her feel later with Dan.

Charlotte and Dan were surprisingly interesting this episode. I love that their first interaction was Dan raging about his pudding going missing only to find out that it was Charlotte, but I also love that by the end, after all the things with God Johnson, Charlotte goes to Dan. It’s arguably the most vulnerable we’ve seen her (except maybe when she goes to Hell to save Lucifer) and I’m curious to see where her relationship with Dan goes from here.

Elsewhere, Chloe’s date with Dr Garrity doesn’t exactly go well either. It was hilarious when Amenadiel was right next to the Doctor and asked if he was going to eat his pizza. Also during this scene, we get to see Maze finding out about the plan to go to Heaven. The thing is, she doesn’t know that Lucifer doesn’t plan to stay in Heaven. To her, it must feel like she’s being completely abandoned. Sure she has Linda and Chloe but they’re human and the latter doesn’t know the truth. It’ll be interesting to see how she reacts from here on.

With Chloe and the Doctor I’m happy they soon got over their hiccup and actually ended up teaming up to find the killer. The fact that the killer dressed up as Santa was bizarre but also very much something Lucifer (the show) would do. The mask was also kind of distubring too. The show can be dark at times, and it’s creepy moments like that that remind you. During this, we finally get around to the scene we saw right at the beginning of the episode. Firstly these scenes really cement that Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable in all aspects, but we also, finally, get answers about God Johnson.

I am glad that he wasn’t God in a way, but I also have a lot of questions. He seemed to know a lot of things, but not everything. Perhaps the piece of the sword (the belt buckle) had a part of God inside of it (his memories) so God Johnson really felt like the real deal because he knew a lot of things, but seemed to be unaware of things because it was really the actual God. Also, when Nurse Kipsy goes to remove the belt he yells for her not to. As if on some level God Johnson, or a being inhabiting his body, was aware that the belt was the key. There’s definitely a lot more answers here, but whether or not we get them is a completely different story.

By the end of the episode Lucifer is angrier than before and we do only have 2 more episodes of the season, so it’ll be interesting to see where that anger takes him. Will his plans change? Will they work out now that he’s more emotional? This season was supposed to have 22 episodes, so it seems like we might end this season on a cliffhanger that was originally unintended. At least we have season 3 already confirmed.

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