This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode we start with Lucifer watching Charlotte who is trying to make a deal with one of her clients to find the missing piece for the sword. It’s such a typical and funny opening for a Lucifer episode especially when it seems like Charlotte’s client has ran off with the money and won’t actually return with the missing the piece.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 18.55.16

Moving on, we find out that Linda is in trouble for having helped Lucifer escape the asylum in the last episode. Maze’s determination to help her friend is evident throughout and incredibly admirable. We see her try to deal with it in both a very human way (by actually talking in a reasonable manner) and through a very demon way (through physical and verbal threats). Lucifer doesn’t help too much in her journey to set things right for Linda, but having seen all the episodes at the point of writing this, it’s clear this is yet another step in Lucifer’s journey/character arc as he comes to some very profound conclusions in the finale.

We actually get to see Maze and Lucifer come head to head in a battle.  It’s a miracle people in the street didn’t seem to stop and take notice, but for a show like Lucifer I’m willing to let such things slide. After getting some of their emotions out in such a physical way, they finally talk a little and Maze continues to be angry at Lucifer. It takes for them both speaking to Linda for Lucifer to realise what he’s done wrong. He does seem genuinely sorry and it’s been clear for a long time now how much he cares about Maze, but Lucifer’s problem is he’s not always aware and fails at showing just how much he cares sometimes.

Charlotte is still very desperately trying to get back to Heaven and it really doesn’t go her way. By the end of the episode we see her become stabbed and the light that irrupts from the wound incinerates the Chet’s head. It was an interesting look at how dangerous she could be and gives some sort of indication of how things might have gone if she and God were to be released on each other.

Some other notable things:

  • Chloe and Charlotte going undercover together. It was something I didn’t realise I needed in my life until now.
  • Chloe attempting to rap so she doesn’t get found out. Amazing, and a true testament to how good Lauren German’s acting is.
  • Amenadiel and Dan starting what I’m sure could be a beautiful friendship during season 3.
  • Ella just being amazing as always. Although I don’t know how I feel about the writing choice to have her trust Charlotte, a civilian, with evidence, even if she has helped out on the case already.
  • Amenadiel finding out that the final piece for the sword was entrusted to him. He has spent so long feeling left out and like he’s not loved as much as Lucifer so it was nice for him to finally get this one thing.


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