This post contains SPOILERS.

The opening is cold, quiet, and really unsettling. The lighting is dim and there’s silence. When the first words are spoken it’s still very eery. Even when we move to Elizabeth’s speech it’s still got that same tone. The sound of the rain and the slight echo from her microphone only adds to this. The one thing this show always knocks out of the park is it’s filming. The way it blends visuals with sound is always flawless and really brings the whole thing together.

The Crown 1x08 Title

“The Crown does not back down.” I really loved that quote. This scene was interesting. Again, with the way it was filmed. With the men discussing what to do and the lights of the projector dancing all of them. Along with the sounds from the projector, it creates a very dark, slightly hard to see. Again, the show blends into other scenes well. While this is going on we see where Elizabeth is and where Philip is, both talking about the same things in a different way.

The dresses that the former sees are so beautiful. The fashion in this show alone is beautiful, but to see these deliberate pieces on display was really wonderful to see. With each scene, it’s amazing how different they appear and how much they contrast.

It was nice to see Peter and Margaret still in contact. They were clearly very happy together so it was wonderful to see them still talking and discussing the idea of being free, to soon have the possibility of being together. I often find myself in their corner, quietly rooting for them. I also appreciate that the Queen Mother decided to stand up for Margaret and give her something to focus on, and how the practice of that focus forced Margaret and Elizabeth to discuss what happened with Peter.

Also, let’s appreciate the Corgis. They’re adorable.

Once again, I really love how when we see footage through the eyes of a camera in canon, the quality is old, like it would have been at the time.

Hearing Churchill talk to Elizabeth about the tour and how the last one was cut short by the death of her father, really made it hit home how much things have changed since the first episode. Elizabeth has come a long way and with only two episodes after this one, it’ll be fun to see where her journey will end up and what we will see next season.

I loved seeing the Queen Mother’s time in Scotland. That shot of them riding horses along the beach was so beautiful to watch. It’s always nice to move away from England/London and go to other places, to dive deeper into specific character’s thoughts and feelings. To see the Queen Mother to talk about her feelings on everything that had happened was a nice insight. So far we haven’t really seen her specifically, she’s always been in the midst of other people’s scenes, so to have her open up was wonderful.

Elizabeth’s first tour, towards the beginning of the first season, was one of my favourite parts of the series so far, and so it was wonderful to see something similar again. Of course, this one is slightly different because she’s now the Queen and she’s being moved from location to location fairly quickly. It’s got a much stricter tone to it and is yet another moment to highlight how much things have changed since the start of this season.

Rarely with a real chance, it was great and hilarious to see Margaret making that speech. She looked absolutely stunning and was clearly going all out. I never know what to think of her half the time, but she is certainly lively and fantastic to watch. As always, Vanessa Kirby does an amazing job. I love the high she’s on afterward and the phone call she has with Peter.

It was also fun to see Elizabeth and Philip’s reactions to the news that Margaret had done well. I love the glimpse of sibling rivalry, but how Philip releases that Elizabeth’s reaction isn’t normal, that perhaps visiting so many places in such a short space of time is too much, too stressful. Everything seems to keep piling up, one problem after another, but Elizabeth keeps pushing and I admire that.

The slow motion shot of them in the car with Elizabeth waving, Philip watching her, the cameras going off was incredibly beautiful. He looks so concerned for her, but she keeps on smiling.  It was really powerful to see.

Can we appreciate that that guy had no idea she was the Queen Mother and she made no step to tell him?

Also, Elizabeth having spasms from smiling too much and Philip waving in his sleep is both concerning and hilarious.

Peter watching Margaret on TV was really lovely and heartwarming. I’m happy he could do that, even if he couldn’t actually go and see her in the flesh. You can see how difficult the entire situation is for the both of them in varying ways.

Things finally get a little heated and aggressive between Elizabeth and Philip. Naturally, there are cameras that capture their fight. It’s confirmed from the way she speaks to the men with the cameras that the two of them might be royalty, might be in the public eye, but they’re also human. It was lovely to see one of the men remove the film as a gift to her.

When the man finally realised who the Queen Mother was. It was really heartwarming and also kind of sad that she just wanted to be normal for a moment, to be treated like any other person.

Once again, by the end of the episode, all the stories slowly fade together until they come together properly at the end. It was adorable to see Philip playing with the children and the corgis. Of course, it really is the calm before the storm. The tone shifts and it’s almost like a preparation for something not so favourable to come.

The discussion between the pair adds to that idea of sibling rivalry. It helps to frame their relationship a little, the strain current circumstances have on it, and how vastly opposite the pair are. The season has progressed really well so far and it’ll be good to see if the future seasons do the same thing.

One thought on “The Crown Season 1 Episode 8: ‘Pride & Joy’ Review

  1. I love a good period drama so I think I might’ve been a little bit bias from the beginning, but this show is so, so, so good. Who would’ve thought that the Royal family was so interesting haha. I think Claire Foy is perfect as the Queen, and she deserves all the praise she is getting, and has gotten for the role. Can’t wait to see the second season and where it takes up. Great review by the way, very well-written.

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