This post contains SPOILERS.

We start this finale with Charlotte stapling her stomach which was so badass, especially when she follows it up by dragging the body out of view and then making a phone call, all without putting up too much of a fuss.

Throughout the episode, we see the acts of a desperate woman. She becomes a little more dangerous as the episode goes on. We see her attack her own sons and hurt Linda so bad that she might not make it (but luckily she does!). This was overall a very good Charlotte episode and I’m very happy with the scenes she was given.

lucifer 2x18 lucifer morningstar

We see Lucifer and Amenadiel at odds during the episode, but they do spend a lot of time on their own paths.

With Amenadiel we have him trying to decide what to do with the sword. Although there are doubts (from Lucifer) that entrusting the final piece to Amenadiel might just be another trick, the latter still decides not to use it and to not allow the plan to put Charlotte in Heaven with God to go ahead. During the episode we see him try out Dan’s improv class which was really hilarious and I really hope we get to see him navigate the human world a little more in season 4. Along with this, I love his relationship with Dan and I want that to continue on too. I thought it was fantastic that he hid the final piece of the sword in Dan’s pocket because he knew it would be safe there.

Lucifer, on the other hand, spends the episode trying to figure out what to do with Charlotte after the things she gets up to during the episode. By the end, his goal is to stop her before she hurts Chloe. His offer to let her rule Hell clearly didn’t go over well, but it is clear that Lucifer is really trying his best. Throughout the episode, he tries to make amends with Maze, he tries to look out for Linda (mostly by visiting her at the end, there’s even a point after Charlotte throws him into his piano that he considers going straight to check on Linda), and he does everything he can (even beg Amenadiel to give him the final piece) in order to save Chloe.

Which brings us on to that ending. It’s a shame that Amenadiel didn’t get to say goodbye to Charlotte (similarly to how he never got the chance to meet God Johnson). This show is about Lucifer, but it’s not hard to see why Amenadiel feels like he’s not valued as much.

That big scene on the pier brought out some very strong emotions from both Charlotte and Lucifer and all in all some fantastic acting from Tricia Helfer and Tom Ellis. It always seemed like Charlotte was going to be the big bad this season, but she really wasn’t. By the end, she had some of the qualities of one, and I just wish she had become more of a threat a little earlier on. Although I’m sad to see her leave the show, the fact that Lucifer offered her the chance to create a new world in her image was a really beautiful and fitting way out. It could also mean that she has a chance of coming back at some point.

The final scene with Lucifer and his wings was something I had been waiting for for a long time! Ever since we saw what his wings looked like I’ve been wondering what they looked like on. Now begs the question, is this scene taking place in present day or is it a flashback? I’d like to think that it’s present day and if it is, why? Perhaps this is Lucifer being rewarded, but maybe there’s something else at play. It’s curious that this happened right after he seemed to be about to tell Chloe the whole truth.

I guess we’ll have to wait till season 3 to find out what’s going on there and whether or not he will tell Chloe what’s happening.

Some other things about this episode:

  • Doctor Trixie was the cutest. I love how her not batting an eye at what Lucifer and Maze were saying was down to her thinking that the adults were just talking in code around her again.
  • Maze getting emotional over Linda. Their relationship is beautiful and I would love to see more of it during season 3.
  • Amenadiel being able to use his powers to help slow down time so that Linda could be taken to the hospital.
  • The case of the week this time around was one of those ones that fed into the main plot quite deeply, and just like every case, it manages to be interesting.
  • The bit where the real Charlotte woke up and for a half a second Lucifer thought it was his mum broke my heart a little.
  • Also, Dan running over to Charlotte was a lot more emotional than I expected it to be. They have had an odd, but interesting relationship and I’m also sad to see that one end as well.

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