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Jonathan Crane continued to impress me this week! As a Scarecrow fan, that was never going to be too hard for me, but they really have done a stand-up job of it. The show did a fantastic job with Jervis Tetch in season 3 and although it’s only been two episodes it seems like they might do an equally good job with Jonathan Crane this season.

With it being so early in the season the show doesn’t seem to have found its footing quite yet. Jonathan’s motives don’t seem very exact but we are only on episode two and I’m sure it will become more concrete, more clear, over time. It’s also still a bit jarring considering the 3-month jump between this season and last season, and for that, I can only hope we get lots of little drops of information throughout the course of the season to keep us up to date with what happened during the hiatus.

Either way, seeing Jonathan stand up for himself was really wonderful to see. He’s been through so much since we first met him. We find out that he was never treated properly and was instead given electric shocks and ice baths and when that wasn’t the case he was just thrown in a cell and left there. Jonathan is a victim more than anything and now he’s been forced down this route it’s interesting to see how he’s going to handle it all. We got a glimpse of that this episode and I’m excited to see what more there is to come!

This new Barbara is really wonderful. I appreciate that although she’s calm and collected, she’s not completely void of emotion. During the scene where Tabitha almost cuts off her hand, we can see how scared Barbara is. You can really see how calm she’s become when she interacts with Oswald. The old Barbara would not have stayed that quiet or been that laid back. It really seems like we might be getting all the best bits of Barbara that we’ve seen over the course of the show so far.

It’s going to see the two of them team up. With Selina joining them it’s going to make for a great trio. Tabitha and Selina seem to work really well together and now will be a case of waiting to see how Barbara mixes in and how easy or hard that will be.

The main thing I want from Barbara right now is to see what happened with her before during the hiatus. To avoid what could be a spoiler I’m leaving out the name but I really want to see what happened between her and the person who brought her back to life.

Once again the Bruce related content was so good! Lucius knows what’s up and I loved that fact. He was able to put two and two together and not only that, but he chose to do something about it. We know from back in season 1 that he knew some of what Thomas Wayne was up to but didn’t mind not knowing the finer details. Here it seems to be the same thing. He clearly knows but doesn’t mind that Bruce isn’t keeping him entirely in the loop. Lucius even continues to call it rock climbing even though it’s just himself, Bruce, and Alfred in the room. There’s no need for that, but he does, and it seems like it’s just his way of saying that he wants to help but he understands why no one is bringing him up to date.

Speaking of the suit, I love it! It’s Batman-esque (especially with the mask Alfred made) but not too much. It could still be given major improvements which I appreciate a lot because it means we’re going to get a lot of Batman content without it going all the way.

It was really great that we got to see Bruce test the suit out. It was fun to see him jump from building to building and to hear his own amazement at how well it is. That, mixed with having Alfred on the ground by the car made it all come together really perfectly.

Some other things:

  • Seeing Bruce behind bars even if it was only temporarily.
  • Poison Ivy is coming and it looks like it’s going to be good!
  • We need to see, or hear, a bit more about Ivy and Oswald’s relationship because him being this mean to her isn’t out of character, but they ended season 3 on good terms so clearly something has happened. It would just be nice to have seen that change happen bit by bit.
  • Harvey refusing to go with Jim was a great move to make but it was still horrible to see them separated after all this time and I have to wonder if this is a small example of a future struggle.
  • I didn’t really think much of Jim’s fear. It honestly seemed, from previews, that his fear would be suicide which would make sense considering Jervis Tetch tried to make Jim kill himself multiple times in one episode. It was clear what they were trying to do but what they went with really didn’t work for me.
  • Zsasz having heart eyes for the guns.
  • Barbara’s place! I have so many questions and hopefully answers will come soon.

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