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We’re finally back for another season of Riverdale and episode 1 picks up pretty much where season 1 ended. It was great to start the episode with another of Jughead’s voiceovers and I’m fairly happy to see that that’s going to continue to be the format of the show. The idea of having Jughead do a voice over for each episode feels oddly comforting.

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Although it wasn’t surprising that Fred Andrews survived being shot, I was a little surprised to see him wake up in just one episode. I thought that we would see him in a hospital bed for a couple of episodes, but regardless, it’s certainly been a great springboard for what is going to be another interesting mystery for the season.

Based on the fact that Ms Grundy was killed, and that the shooter made Archie get on his knees but didn’t kill him, gives the assumption that perhaps this whole thing is actually about Archie. The fact that his father was nearly killed and someone Archie claims to have loved (Ms Grundy) was actually killed, is too much of a coincidence.

That’s only one speculation, of course. We know there are people who might have reason to kill his father, and Ms Grundy clearly has a thing for going after young, presumably underaged, boys, which is enough for someone to want to kill her, so this could very easily be two separate hits.

This is Riverdale so it could be any of the above, but I’m more inclined to think it’s the first. Especially with Archie’s connection to both victims.

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Speaking of who shot Fred Andrews, I’m loving Jughead’s dealings with the Southside Serpents. Ever since we saw him try on the leather in the last season, I’ve been wanting to see more of that. It was made very clear in this episode that the Serpents will be there for him regardless of whether he actually joins them or not. After seeing a man beaten badly in his father’s trailer, I doubt Jughead his going to be quick to deny them.

I’m curious to see if he ever willingly joins them. It was great to see him take power when he asked them for help in finding the shoot, and like Betty said, the jacket fits him like a glove and he did seem very happy/content when he first tried it on.

Sidenote, I did miss F.P. this episode, especially considering he’s one of my favourite characters, but according to this post from actor Skeet Ulrich who plays F.P., he’s going to be a part of Riverdale on a more regular basis this season.

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I appreciate that this episode focused primarily around Fred being shot. We got to see the core four come together once again and show they’re stronger than ever. On the other hand, we get to see the parents and it seems they’re going to be just as present as they were in season 1. Something noticeable about the previous season is that the parents had screentime that was just as good, even occasionally better, than their kids.

The one deviation I appreciated being in this episode was Cheryl and Penelope Blossom. This is one situation which has developed a little off camera. We now see Penelope is seriously injured and the power dynamic has changed so now Cheryl is on top. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this all goes from here. From what’s been said, we know that something secret went down in the barn the night Clifford Blossom’s body was found.

It seems like the bulk of season 1 has been wrapped up and left behind but certain bits seem to have branched over to this season which helps it merge. This is definitely a good start to the season and if the rest of it continues on like this, it’s going to be a great second season.

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Some other things:

  • People from school showing up to support Archie and Fred in their time of need.
  • How Betty, Veronica, and Jughead all got phone calls one at a time. Also, the way that Betty and Veronica came into the hospital at roughly the same time. I loved the way their parents were right behind them and as they came together they held hands.
  • Veronica, Betty, and Jughead all hugging Archie at the same time.
  • Jughead’s little design on his helmet.
  • Jughead offering to sit with Archie while he was being questioned.
  • Archie and Veronica walking his dog Vegas.
  • Veronica holding Archie while he cried.
  • Fred going through all those experiences and choosing not to die.
  • Archie sitting downstairs with a baseball bat because he promised to protect his father from any more harm.
  • Meeting Hiram Lodge for the first time. As someone who admittedly hasn’t been keeping up with Riverdale news and didn’t know who had been cast, I didn’t really know who to expect, I’m curious to see more of him from now on.
  • Betty and Alice talking about how Betty and Jughead almost had sex in F.P’s trailer.
  • “Oh, my God, is this the apocalypse?”

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