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We really see Archie struggling this week. I’m admittedly enjoying this route of things getting darker and darker with him. Just when we think he’s made progress by going to Pop’s and hanging out with the others, he goes off to get a gun afterward. I’m enjoying seeing him spiral but I have to hope that they don’t exhaust it.

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I also hope that he doesn’t completely give up on the idea of this being personal. He’s already going down that road by getting Alice Cooper to investigate and going to the Sherrif with his theory. He doesn’t seem to have all the answers but I definitely like the idea of this being directly related to him. I also appreciate the idea that Archie sees the killer everywhere he goes, it really highlights how on edge and scared he truly is.

So far in this season, Riverdale is doing a much better job with Archie although there’s still plenty of time for things to go wrong so I’m a little on guard still. Last season his main plot seemed to be whether he should play football or be a musician while characters like Betty and Jughead were dealing with mysteries and murder. It did get better on occasion but the Archie content really fell short during season 1. This season, however, Archie seems to have a bit more action and he actually feels like a main character. Hopefully, they keep this up.

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We finally get to see FP and so happy that he might be released soon. Seeing Betty give Cheryl a taste of her own medicine by blackmailing her into helping FP was beautiful. Although don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing Cheryl be on top. I like the way she’s presented and how she’s taking back power.

Either way, this is working out in FP’s favour. He’s still in jail at the moment but it’s only a matter of time before he’s out. I’m curious to see what happens with Penny Peabody because I get the feeling that the bulk of that is going to happen when FP leaves jail. Alarm bells went off the moment Peabody didn’t charge Jughead and instead helped him as a favour with the hopes of getting one in return. FP seemed pretty high up in the Serpents so it’s interesting that even he is seemingly a little afraid of her and what could happen.

[The CW]

We also know that the Southside Serpents have a foothold in Riverdale now thanks to Betty saving Pop’s and it being owned by Hiram Lodge. Both he and Hermione Lodge are shady and I don’t trust either of them, although I feel like the latter could go against Hiram at some point. Either way, things seem like they’re only going to get darker. Not only do we have the murders happening in Riverdale and its surrounding areas but we also have Hiram Lodge being up to no good and the Serpents having a place in Riverdale.

It’s hard not to be happy about Pop’s though. Despite the trouble that it may bring, as a viewer, I’ve grown fond of the location and I’m happy to see that Betty and co were able to save it. It was nice to see the town come together in support of the occasion and, even if it was brief, we got a moment of light.

[The CW]

Some other things:

  • Alice sitting in Pop’s and taking pictures of the Serpents showing up.
  • The Pussycats performing at Pop’s, I actually enjoyed the song and I liked the aesthetic of the performance, I just wish it lasted a little longer.
  • In the courtroom when Jughead placed his hand on FP’s should and it made him jump. He’s definitely not the man he once was and I can’t wait to see more of him in greater detail.
  • The moment following when they hug and you see Jughead start to tear up.
  • Archie seeing flashes of the crime scene when he goes to Pop’s.
  • How dare they get rid of Smithers! He clearly cared about Veronica and even Hermione. Trying to help the former most likely led to Hiram getting rid of him. I hope we see him again, he deserves better.

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