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I’m liking the build-up to finding out who the Black Hood is. The way he’s playing with Betty is interesting. You can see that he believes he’s looking out for her but we, the audience, can see that it’s really tearing Betty apart. With each new episode, we’re getting a little more information and I’m curious to find out how far he’ll go with all of this.

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The fact that Betty teamed up with Archie was one of the most exciting parts. When they were walking to school together it made me realise how much I really missed them teaming up. As I’ve said in past reviews, Archie has been much more interesting this season, and with Betty’s scenes being equally as interesting, it was great to see them come together.

After the end of the episode, we can assume that Betty is going to stop keeping Archie in the loop in order to keep him safe. In fact, she is most likely going to keep herself completely cut off from those she cares about just to keep them safe. However, we’ve already seen how concerned Archie can be, especially about these phone calls, so hopefully, he doesn’t give up so easily.

Back to the identity of the Black Hood, I’m wondering… If Betty will recognise him, does that mean we’ve seen him or not? I don’t know how I feel about it. On the one hand, I think it’s going to be a new character, but that doesn’t mean to say we won’t meet him without the mask first. They could easily introduce various characters and then reveal that one of them is the Black Hood.

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Over on the South Side we see that Jughead is still being pulled in both directions. With the tensions between the South Side and the North Side escalating we see Jughead finally make a decision and become a Serpent, but any connection he still feels he has to the North Side is taken away when Betty is forced to break up with him. Now he seems to be fully throwing himself into the Serpent life and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

Since the beginning of season one, I’ve wanted to see more of the Serpents and just the South Side in general so this is some quality content for me. From the promo of the next episode, we see Archie and Jughead team up so he hasn’t completely cut himself off just yet, but you can slowly see him going down that path.

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We see the last member of the core four, Veronica, trying to make a stamp on the family business when an old friend comes to town. I didn’t really care much for this storyline if I’m being honest. Although, as upsetting as the circumstances were, I did like seeing the girls come to Chery’s rescue. She’s been acting so tough since we started the season but this just proved that she isn’t vulnerable. It was one of my favourite Cheryl scenes. It was so powerful to see her crying but also talking about how much she wants justice.

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Back to the Serpents, the best part of the story by far was Alice Cooper. Thanks to a discussion she had with FP in season 1 episode 10, we know she was from the South Side and he makes the comment that snakes don’t shed their skin so easily. So when her mugshot was revealed that wasn’t too shocking, but it’s still amazing because now that the whole town knows, it opens up the doors to discuss her past (along with her history with FP and the Serpents).

Now the best moment of this whole entire thing was that badass entrance she made with the snakeskin patterned clothes and the snake necklace. She’s completely owning her South Side (/Serpent) status and it makes me more thirsty for her backstory. Perhaps, she doesn’t care about the Serpents or the South Side but maybe (hopefully) she feels like this is finally her chance to embrace who she used to be.

Either way, it seems like we’re going to get a backstory of some kind and it’s honestly the thing I care the most about. There’s so much information we could get fromt this and it’ll be interesting to see what they give us.

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This episode was actually incredibly good. As always, I’m looking forward to the next one. Riverdale is amazing at keeping your interest and making you want to keep watching.

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