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I would say that this is one of the best episodes of the season and of the show so far. The only thing I really didn’t like was the weird opening with Ra’s. It just felt a little cheesy and although I am interested in the character and what the show will do with him, I didn’t really care for the opening of the episode, however, once you get past that, the rest is pretty phenomenal.

Seeing Bruce on the rooftop again, wearing the armour that Lucius made him, made me very happy. Especially the way he communicates with Alfred. It felt very Batman and I love little moments like that. I really will never get bored of seeing these interactions.

It was made even better when we see Selina, in her very own mask, at the same location as Bruce. Seeing the Bat and the Cat coming so close to meeting face to face was really exciting but I am happy it didn’t happen just yet. I like the idea of the getting these glimpses and creating a mystery for each other. I wonder if they’ll run into each other more when they’re masked, and I wonder if Selina will find out that the vigilante around the city is Bruce.

Bruce going undercover was the best thing I’ve ever seen. It was really fun to watch and I found it hilarious that Alfred had to go undercover to bail him out. So far, we’ve seen this set up where Bruce still struggles to figure things out and Alfred swoops in with suggestions and teaches him. In this case, Bruce couldn’t figure out how to get the information that he needed about the dagger and then later couldn’t figure out how to get it from the auction, both times Alfred had solutions. I love their set up this season. We saw it begin to form at the end of season 3 and it’s great to see it develop more.

I’m liking the contrast we’re seeing already between Bruce Wayne and “Batman”. The billionaire brat scene was hilarious to watch. On the one hand, it was fantastic to see him having some fun for a change but it was also very different to what we had seen at the beginning of the episode. Bruce’s life is becoming more and more serious so to have these little moments is really great to see.

I can’t believe that Ed was freed from the ice because he has a fangirl out there who is completely obsessed with him. Myrtle was such a fun and intriguing character so I am gutted that she was killed off in the same episode. I don’t think she would last for long but I do wish we got a few episodes with her at least.

I did like how they used this episode to introduce the fact that Ed’s brain is damaged due to being on ice for so long. He’s lost his intelligence which won’t be a surprise if you’ve seen (or read) cast interviews that came out during the hiatus. I appreciated that it was merely introduced this episode because it meant that we spent some time with it.

Seeing a different setting is always nice but seeing Jim in sunglasses and walking on a beach was something I never thought I would see. I think it worked better that it was all contained to this one episode and wasn’t drawn out, although I like seeing other places, on this particular ocassion I feel like it would have become boring if there was too much of it.

In terms of Sofia Falcone, I admittedly wasn’t sure of her until she showed up at the GCPD towards the end of the episode. It was then that I knew I was going to like her. In that scene, it seemed to settle the idea that she was there for herself more than anything, that being in any sort of romance with Jim is a secondary thing.

I’m also looking forward to seeing a female gangster again. I just wish that Fish was still around as well.

Oswald and Zsasz still continue to make one of the best team-ups of the whole show. We have been blessed with such quality Zsasz content this season and I loved when he complimented Myrtle’s dress. So far, this season has done a great job at giving us team-ups we’ve known in the past and also creating new ones.

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