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If you are unaware, Ben McKenzie’s wrote this episode. It was his first time and I have to say, he actually did a fairly decent job. He directed the sixteenth episode of season three which was pretty phenomenal so I had some faith he would do a pretty fantastic job this time around and he absolutely did.

Although, saying that, going back through this episode in order to review it I find myself even more irritated that Alex was killed off in the same episode that he was introduced. Just like Myrtle Jenkins, I couldn’t see Alex being a long-term character but I wish he had been in it a little longer than he was. His main purpose was to be killed off so that Bruce would be spurred on by anger.

I actually quite liked Alex as a character and I love the scenes he shared with Bruce. One of the things I’m loving about this season is that we’re seeing Bruce become more Batman but we’re also seeing him become more human. Over the last couple of seasons, he’s basically spent the majority of his time with the same two or three people so to see him interact with others is really interesting and a lot more fun.

The ending with Alex being killed showed us that Bruce may act tough and feel like he’s doing the right thing, but ultimately he’s still a kid. He’s still trying to find his footing and figure everything out.

Alongside Brue’s story, we have Ra’s who is hunting them down and is the one to kill Alex in the end. The introduction of Anubis was interesting and different. I liked what they were going for and I think it paid off. This is one character that I could see being limited to one episode or,  if he did show up more than once, it be rare and spaced out.

I liked that while Anubis was off doing the dirty work initially we had Ra’s working damage control by showing up at the GCPD in a pair of glasses and trying to smooth things over. From the way things end, with him being arrested, we know that it’s not just going to end there. He’s clearly got bigger plans. In terms of Ra’s content, this was by far the best episode we’ve had so far.

Relating to this I enjoyed Jim and Barbara talking. Gotham does, unfortunately, have a habit of glossing over interactions between characters who haven’t seen each other for a while. Not only do we have that, but Barbara was also missing, presumed dead. Considering Jim and Barbara probably won’t interact much throughout the rest of the season it just would have been nice to have a bit more of conversation in this episode.

The other major part of this episode was Oswald and Ed. We get even more information on the extent of Ed’s brain damage and this episode we get to see them come head to head, sort of. I for one am happy to hear that the revenge plot is basically over and will be left behind this season. This episode showed that they’re going to fade it out. At this point, Ed still wants to get back at Oswald, and Oswald wants to re-freeze Ed.

However, by the end of the episode, we see that Oswald no longer deems Ed worth of freezing and believes that living with his lack of intelligence is punishment enough. We also see Ed step back and realise that he’s not in the right frame of mind to go after Oswald and he has other priorities.

This clearly isn’t the definite end of the revenge plot we had in season 3 but it feels like they’re gradually heading in that direction.

Some other things:

  • I quite liked Sofia this episode, I love how they’re building up her story and creating an almost mystery to it. We know she’s planning to take Oswald down but it’s still not clear how she plans to really do that.
  • I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in past reviews but I am really loving Detective Vanessa J Harper. I hope she stays around for a while, she’s really awesome.
  • It was so great to see Victor Fries again! It made me laugh that Oswald had to specify by saying “the other Victor” when Zsasz got confused. It also made me smile when he said: “my other Victor” to Ed, mostly because Fries didn’t disagree or seem annoyed which suggests that the two of them are still on good terms.
  • Ed’s terrible riddle-rap. Bless Ben McKenzie for including that.

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