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We finally get an introduction to Solomon Grundy! I’m going to miss Butch Gilzean more than anything but I’m really excited for Grundy to finally come into it. I actually thought they were going to turn Mario Falcone into Grundy but after that season 3 finale reveal, I’m so happy I was wrong!

I loved how they kept the origin in which Grundy comes across a group of campers and hears the rhyme “Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday” and after killing them, uses the rhyme to name himself. The fact that they kept that detail really made me happy.

Alongside seeing how he comes to be and how he gets his name, we get to see him run into Edward Nygma. This is a friendship I’ve been dying to see. During the hiatus, it was revealed that Ed, Grundy, and Lee Thompkins were going to become a team of some kind. I’m happy that we got to see just two of them meet in this episode, otherwise, I feel like it might have been too much.

I loved the fact that Ed thinks he’s seeing things at first. Their interactions are definitely some of my favourites. It’s a shame that Grundy doesn’t remember any of his life as Butch Gilzean. Although, despite their history, it doesn’t feel like Ed has completely bad intentions. Sure, by the end of the episode, he’s using Grundy to try and make money in order to make himself smart, but there’s no reason to say that he has any ill intent towards Grundy. I don’t think he’s even really thought about.

They make a funny and refreshing duo and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them and how their dynamic will change once Lee is brought to the mix. Speaking of, I loved her reveal at the end of the episode! I genuinely thought we might not see much of her, so finding out (during the hiatus) that she was going to have a significant amount of screen time really made me happy and I’ve been waiting for it.

Elsewhere we see Bruce trying to deal with what happened during the last episode and that spurs him on to get revenge against Ra’s. We see them come face to face but despite killing Ra’s at the end of the episode, I really don’t think he’s dead. Gotham has missed or prematurely ended a lot of great opportunities but I don’t think this is the case. At the very least, even if Ra’s is dead, I don’t see this being the end of that story. The scene with Barbara visiting Ra’s in prison also adds to this.

There’s a moment where they press their hands to the glass. Something happens to Barbara and when she asks what it was he says “you’ll see.” His story definitely is not over and I’m eager to see how they’ll bring it back and when.

I also enjoyed the team-up between Jim and Alfred to try and track Bruce down. It actually made for some funny content and it’s a team-up that always work, but we never get to see.

The other major plot is the development of Oswald and Sofia’s relationship. I really enjoyed this part. My favourite part was near the end of the episode when she goes to see him at the Iceberg Lounge. That moment where she massages his ankle and starts humming a tune reminded me a lot of the Liza and Falcone storyline form season one.

I really want Sofia and Oswald to become what Liza and Falcone should have become. I want it to start off as a trick but end with Sofia and Oswald being honest with each other and deciding to put their strengths together and genuinely working side by side.

An additional note, I loved the scene where Ed tried to rob the pharmacy. It really made me laugh much more than it maybe should have and I really loved the pharmacy employee too.

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