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Last episode we were introduced to Solomon Grundy, this episode we were introduced to Professor Pyg. I already know I’m going to love him. He’s really different from villains we’ve had so far. Considering the fact that he seems to be going after cops who are working for Oswald, he’s becoming one of these villains that maybe has good intentions but is executing them all wrong.

I enjoyed the fact that in this episode we mostly got a basic introduction. There’s still a lot we could learn about, and see from, Professor Pyg. So far I’m really liking what we’re getting. Ever since it was revealed that he was going to be in it I was excited, but he might actually exceed my expectations.

It broke my heart to see Harvey so broken like that at the end, but he’s clearly going through some things.We also have to remember that Harvey has been Captain for a long time considering he never wanted the job in the first place, now on top of that he has to deal with Oswald and these new licencing laws in a city that’s try recover from the destruction of the Alice Tetch virus. You can see how it would impact him negatively and lead him to take money from a criminal.

I loved the fact that majority of the episode was split between the Professor Pyg stuff and Cherry’s fight club in the Narrows. While there we get to see Lee and Ed interact again. I’ve missed seeing them on screen together. What little we got in the past was really interesting and this episode did not disappoint.

The episode never ignored the fact that there are negative feelings between these two but it also creates a set up in which it’s completely believable that they would eventually work together. I loved seeing that Lee had a clinic where she helped the people of the Narrows in her free time. It was also really fun to see Ed trying to exploit that and blackmail Lee into helping him become smart, but ultimately fail at it due to his decrease in intelligence.

Just from these scenes alone, I know that Ed, Lee, and Grundy are going to make a fantastic duo. Not only do we get amazing scenes between Ed and Lee (honestly, the highlights of the episode), but we also get more great scenes from Ed and Grundy, the odd scene between Grundy and Lee, and a glimpse at seeing all three together.

Elsewhere we see Oswald and Sofia again. The former is still wary which actually makes this whole relationship work. We know that Oswald has trust issues, especially after everything that happened with Ed in season 3, so the fact that the slightest thing (i.e. Sofia not showing up to lunch) made him suspicious really works.

It also works that Sofia is slowly building that trust. She’s doing things step by step to create doubt within Oswald’s mind, and then completely disproves any reasoning he has to be suspicious. So in this episode, she creates doubt by not showing up to lunch which makes Oswald become suspicious only to reveal she’s been doing something good (opening the orphanage) therefore squashing all that doubt and lack of trust that Oswald had.

So far I’m enjoying what Gotham is doing with each character and how they’re setting up all these new team ups. I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress and whether or not Gotham can keep it up.

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