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Only in Gotham would boxes covered in blood be sent to the GCPD and the people delivering them wouldn’t think that was even remotely strange. It was exciting to see more of Professor Pyg straight away, although, it did remind me that we haven’t seen Jonathan Crane for a while now. The Scarecrow content was so good and I miss that, luckily enough, the Pyg content is far exceeding my expectations.

This episode gave me a very Silence of the Lambs vibe. The second Jim became suspicious about Professor Pyg, I knew he was the man from the ambulance. There is a scene that is somewhat similar in Silence of the Lambs. It’s not exactly the same which I like but I did enjoy that it reminded me of the movie.

Also, these Pyg scenes led to a further break in the Jim and Harvey relationship. We see them come to odds when Jim tries to convince them all that they’re walking into the trap. Harvey is already walking a thin line by being one of Pyg’s targets and now he’s working with Oswald (and Oswald’s men), so that decision was a tough one to make and he ultimately chooses to ignore Jim’s warnings with dire consequences.

I really feel for Harvey. He’s clearly going on a downward spiral and you can slowly see him losing control bit by bit. I’m curious to see where he goes throughout the rest of the season. This is only episode 7 and Gotham tends to have 22 episode seasons.

That was really the main plot of this episode. We did see a little of Oswald at the orphanage and how he’s coping being surrounded by children (he doesn’t seem to care for them), and elsewhere we see a little of what Bruce is up to after killing Ra’s, and we also see how the team up between Tabitha, Selina, and Barbara is going.

With the former, we see that Bruce isn’t coping very well. He seems to have not only given up on being a vigilante but on pretty much every aspect of his life. he really doesn’t care about much of anything. By the end of the episode, we see him buy a club and invite his newly found friends to it. There he drinks and parties and probably lets off more steam than he ever has in his entire life. Although these scenes were entertaining to watch, it’s also a little heartbreaking to see this defeated side of him.

By the end of their scenes, it was nice to see Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina actually become a genuine team. So far there’s been a separation between them. We start off by seeing that old set up end when Barbara reveals there’s no longer a business and so, therefore, they’re not going to work together.

It was great to see Selina try to pull off a job on her own and fail. We know that Tabitha has been training her and during the hiatus, various cast and crew mentioned that Barbara would take on a similar role. With Selina failing it creates an opportunity for the three to come together in a way that would allow for Barbara to take on that role alongside Tabitha.

By the end of this episode, we get a completely new set up between the three. Also, that warehouse scene was amazing. That was only a mere glimpse of them working together, imagine what we might get once they really coordinate.

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