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It was nice to see more of Jughead and Archie this episode. Of course, their ideas on how to handle things clashes and I wonder when we’ll see the repercussions of Archie calling the Sherrif. It’s interesting to see Jughead step up as a Serpent now. We know that he joined to help keep things in check and stop the possible bloodshed, but he also seems to genuinely care about what happens to the Serpents (or some of them at least).

I’m also loving his loyalty to Toni and how he wants to help her when the police raid South Side High. It was a relief to know that they weren’t in a relationship. It was too soon after Betty and I don’t think Jughead is the kind of guy to move on so quickly. I do appreciate, however, that he and Toni seem really close. I love their friendship and I wouldn’t be opposed to a relationship so long as it was in the future.

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It was actually a relief when Betty told Veronica and Jughead the truth about what was going on. Keeping them in the dark would have become tiring really quickly and I would personally like to focus on other things. It was also a really funny and great transition to go from Veronica asking what Betty’s excuse was to a shot of Betty noisily drinking her milkshake.

Veronica and Betty make such an awesome team and I really don’t like to see them at odds. It was nice to see them team up to find out who the Sugarman was. Veronica can play quite the part so it’s always enjoyable when we get to see her become deeply involved in something.

[The CW]

It was nice to see F.P. again even if the scene was short. It was fantastic to see that he really never wanted Jughead to become a Serpent. With him having more of a role this season I find myself eager for the episode in which he’s released so hopefully, he gets more screen time. I’m curious to know if he’ll go back to the Serpents and if we’ll get more of his past with Alice (and the others too).

Some other things:

  • Although it was short I loved that final scene with Jughead and Betty sitting on the couch together.
  • I was not expecting the teacher to be the Sugarman. I don’t know why I didn’t suspect, it really makes a lot of sense when you think about it, but still, it was a bit of a shock when he was arrested.
  • I’m admittedly disappointed that we didn’t get a follow up to Alice’s beautiful entrance last episode, but I’m still hoping for more at some point.
  • Cheryl finding out more about the Sugarman and that conversation she had with her mother was small but great. It seems like their relationship is going to evolve a lot of the season so I’m excited for that.
  • Although I do trust Hiram Lodge I love that he and Hermione agreed to not work with Nick or his parents after what he almost did to Veronica. Also, that moment at the end when Hermione finds out that the St Clairs were in an “accident” and Veronica just says, “Oh, well. Karma’s a bitch.” What a moment!

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